Handprint Flower Bags

By | May 8, 2013
Handprint Flower Bags

My friend Beth over at The Ruffled Daisy hosts a craft night once a month at her place (no worries if you don’t live here and want to do a project from her craft nights, she can send you the kit so you can do it at home).  She picks a project and has all the supplies ready and all we have to do is show up and craft.  Well this month she hosted two of these events the second was a kid craft day, where the kids got to make these cute handprint flower bags for Mother’s Day.

You know I had to sign up and take the kids.  Both girls had fun making these and Beth was so great she had a lot of kids there and totally helped them all, and can you believe she was not covered in paint.  I only had my two girls and she even helped with them and I had paint on my pants shirt and arms.  How does she do that?

Well back to Beth over at The Ruffled Daisy, she not only hosts these craft nights.  She makes all kinds of project for people.  Anything you find on Pintrest that you think is really cool but don’t have the skills or time to make, Beth can make it.  Want to make a project you see on printrest but don’t have the stuff for it, Beth can sell you a kit so you can make it yourself.  Yep she is a crafting queen, she can do it all.  I have seen many of the items she has made and am always impressed by her skill and talent.

So if you have anything you want or need made go check Beth out at The Ruffled Daisy, and don’t forget to like her page (tell her I sent you), you never know when she will post something that you just have to have!

Check out our SPRING  and MOTHERS DAY boards on Pintrest for more fun ideas!

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Canvas Bag
Wax Paper
Acrylic Craft Paint
Paint Brush


Start by putting some wax paper in your bag, it will keep the paint from bleeding through to the other side!
 Paint the child’s Hand (be warned it tickles!)
 Then press their hand on the bag
Repeat the hand prints till you have made a circle
 Now paint the middle of your hand prints, this makes the center of the flower
 For the grass you can do finger prints or use a paint brush, Also use a paintbrush to paint on your flower stem
And now you have a beautiful Hand print flower bag that any mom or grandma will love to have!
Handprint Flower Bags
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Make sure you visit The Ruffled Daisy, she can help you with any project you want or send you a kit to make just about anything!


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35 thoughts on “Handprint Flower Bags

  1. jmommymom

    That’s a great springtime project. I love the way the hands were arranged into a flower. Thanks for sharing.

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