Hand and Foot Print Christmas Cards

By | December 12, 2011
Hand and Foot Print ChristmasCards

I thought it would be fun to make some Hand and Foot Print Christmas cards for the family this year.  And I just loved the hand and foot print Christmas card idea because it is something I know people will hold on too and that the kids will love to see in years to come.  I know I love to see my old hand and foot prints from when I was little, it is just so cool to see how small my hands and feet were.

I will say that before you decide to do this invest in a cheap plastic table cloth.  I got one at Target, but you can get them at the dollar store or Wal-Mart too.  It really helps with the mess, and if you are doing this with little ones there will be a little mess.  I decided to get my 10month old in on this and do her hand and foot prints too, well let’s just say that a bath was needed after and I had paint all over me.  But the cards came out great so it was totally worth it and we all had so much fun making them that I really did not mind a little messy paint.


Construction Paper
Glitter Glue
Pom Pom’s


Fold the construction paper in half to form the card, and then put the paint in something that the kids can fit their feet and hands in.  Lay out the card near the paint to be ready for the hand/foot prints.
 For older children have them step in the paint then step on the card, or put their hand in the paint then on the card.  You will need two foot prints for the Christmas tree, one upside down hand print for Santa, and one right-side up hand print for the reindeer.
 For babies, use a paint brush to paint their foot or hand then press on the paper.
 After the paint dries decorate cards any way you want.

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