Halloween Tutu

By | November 2, 2012

Halloween Tutu
WOW, the last couple of weeks have just been crazy.  My husband was out of town for work and both my girls got sick.  I have been pretty lucky if I can get in 6 hours of sleep and most of that has been very interrupted.  So I appoligise for the lack of posts and projects the last couple of weeks.

The good news is that both girls seem to be finally feeling better and my husband is now home (go figure he gets back after they are better)

But due to the lack of time and sleep I did not post the Linky party this week, however it will be back at the regular time next week!  And I am also posting our Halloween post a little late but better late than never right?

This year my oldest daughter threw me for a loop when she told me she wanted to be a Hippo for Halloween.  I had no idea what I was going to do for a Hippo costume.  My sister saved me when she made her an awesome Hippo hat, I LOVE MY SISTER!!!  Then I decided to just go with an animal theme and decided to have my little one go as a Cheetah.  I was going to do a Giraffe but could not find her a Giraffe print shirt so ended up changing it to a Cheetah.

I thought both girls would look cute with Tutu’s so I set out to make them.  I got the awesome idea to use an old pair of pants for the elastic waist band from This post on Wonky Wonderful (she has some awesome ideas so go check her out!). I also thought that the skirts needed sparkle (hey it is Halloween after all) so I bought some sparkle fabric too.

Check out our FALL and HALLOWEEN boards on Pintrest for more great ideas!

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Old Pair of Elastic Pants
Tulle (you will need about 4 yards total of tulle and/or fabric)
Sparkle Fabric
Rotary Cutter (you could just use scissors, but this goes much faster)


 Cut the elastic waist off the pants.
 Fold your Tulle or Fabric in half.
 Roll up your Tulle or Fabric
 Cut the Tulle or Fabric into 2inch or larger strips (I found that the tulle works better when it is thicker)
 You can use as many colors as you want but in the end you will want at least 4 Yards of material total.
Unfold the strips and cut them in half (unless you want a really long skirt for say an adult)
Take your tulle or fabric and put the folded end on one side of the waist band.
 Then pull the rest of the tulle or fabric through the loop and pull tight.
 I did 4 tulle strips then one sparkle strip, and alternated colors on my younger daughters skirt (since it had two colors)
Halloween Tutu When done your skirt will look like this, and no matter the color of the waist band you used you wont see it.
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