Halloween Toss Game

By | October 1, 2013

Halloween Toss Game

We do a lot of crafts and baking for Halloween, but this year I wanted to do some fun games too.  That is why I thought this toss game would be fun.

My original plan for this game was to play it after Halloween.  I will put all my girls candy in the different baskets and then they can play the game to win their candy to eat for the day.  This way they can have fun playing the game and maybe we wont have a fight over them not being able to eat all the candy in one shot.

However after thinking about it for a while I thought this would also be a great game for a Halloween class party or just a Halloween party.  My girls both had so much fun playing this over the weekend (we had to try out the game) that I thought the whole class would have fun playing this.  And if you did not want to give the kids all a bunch of candy you could fill the baskets with toys for the kids to win.

We got all the supplies for this game at the dollar store.  They had a few different types of Halloween baskets to choose from if you don’t like the ones we used.  And I also found the “balls” we used, they aren’t really balls they were little Halloween cups with big plastic straws in them.  I just pulled the straws out and now they are perfect for out game!

How to play the Game

Fill each basket with different candy or toys for the kids to win.  If you want mark an area with string, or tape to be the throwing line (we did not do this since we played with a 6 yr old and a 2yr old it would not have been fair since the little one could not throw as far).

Have the kids stand in front of the baskets or on the line and toss their ball in the baskets.  If they make it into a basket they can pick a prize from the basket.  If they do not get it in they can shoot again, or you can have another basket with a consolation prize for them to pick from.

Check out our HALLOWEEN board on Pintrest for more fun ideas!


4 Halloween Baskets (we got ours at the dollar store)
2 Balls  (we used plastic Halloween cups and took the straw out)
Candy (or toys)


 Fill your baskets with candy or toys
Halloween Game
 Line them up in a row and give each kid a ball
(they can share the balls too)
Halloween Game
 Let them toss the balls into the baskets, which ever basket they get their ball in they can pick a treat out of that basket.
Halloween Game
The kids will have a blast trying to get the ball in the basket with the treat they want!
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18 thoughts on “Halloween Toss Game

  1. J

    That’s a cute idea! I think people could even put it together with what they already have if there’s no time to shop for the cute things you found!

  2. Lizbeth McGow

    Great idea! You have your party going already! Thanks for sharing it with us at the Fluster Buster Party Lizy your party co host

  3. Britni

    This is really cute idea and could be adapted to any party or holiday. We normally do carnival style games for Halloween parties and this would be perfect. ~Britni @ Play. Party. Pin.

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