Halloween Styrofoam Figures

By | October 18, 2011
Halloween Styrofoam Figures

I have been trying to find some cute Halloween figures to put on top of my kitchen cabinets.  And I have not found anything that I like.  So this weekend when I was out shopping (with no kids, thanks hubby!!) I thought why not just make what I want.  So that is where this idea came from.

I tried to get my daughter to help with these, but most of the project is cutting and I had to use a knife to cut out the pieces from the Styrofoam so she ended up coloring the patterns once I was finished with them.  She did have fun doing that and sat with me the whole time asking what I was doing.  She so loves making things.

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Foam paper (I used solid colors for the candy corn and glitter for the ghost)
Glue Gun
Kitchen knife


Print out your patterns and cut them out.  Then trace the pattern on the Styrofoam, and cut out with kitchen knife.
Now use your patterns to trace and cut out the foam paper (for the candy corn you will have to cut it in the color sections to do this).
Using your glue gun glue the foam cutouts to the Styrofoam cut out.
If you use a thin piece of Styrofoam (like I did) cut out a triangle piece of Styrofoam and using the glue gun glue it to the back of each figure to act as a stand.
I just love how these look in my kitchen, you cannot even tell they were a craft project.  And since I have so much Styrofoam left I guess I need to think of some figures to make for Christmas next ;)

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