Halloween Spiders

By | October 7, 2012

Halloween Spiders
I always tend to think of spiders when I think of Halloween.  Why?  Because we always decorate with spider webs and well spiders are just creepy.  So I thought it would be fun to make some this year to decorate with.  I had all the supplies for this craft in my craft supplies so it made for the perfect Saturday morning project since I did not have to run to the store.

This also turned out to be a great project for my daughter; she was able to do all of it on her own. But I did get to sit there to watch and well take lots of pictures.  Then we put them on our mantel with our creepy spider web and some other Halloween decorations.

I think these would also be pretty cute hanging up too, but we still have out bats from last year hanging up so we thought these would be better climbing all over the mantel.

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Styrofoam ball (1 per spider)
Black Paint
Black Pipe cleaners (4 per spider)
Googly Eyes (2 per spider)
Glue Gun
Paint Brush
Tooth pick (1 per spider)


 Insert toothpick into your Styrofoam ball (this helps to paint and keeps you from painting your fingers), and paint the ball black.
 While your paint is drying cut your pipe cleaners in half to make legs.
 Once paint is dry glue on your google eyes with your glue gun.
 Next glue your pipe cleaners on for the legs.
 Now just place them around the house for decoration, or let the kids play with them.
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