Halloween Science Game – Static Electricity

By | October 3, 2013
Halloween Science Game

WOW, I could not believe it when I noticed we had not done any science experiments in over a month.   I guess that is proof that I have been way too busy lately.

I was trying to figure out what type of science experiment we should do when I ran across this one for Static Electricity over at Science Bob’s Site.  I thought it was perfect since Halloween is coming up, but I wanted to change it up a bit and turn it into a fun game for the kids too.

Since we were visiting grandma last weekend I thought this game would be great to play with our little cousin (she is the same age as my little one).  The kids all seemed pretty excited when I asked if they wanted to play a fun Halloween Science Game, so I went out and set everything up then called the kids over.

The two little ones were not too sure about the game, they picked up a few ghosts and pumpkins but the funnest part for them was rubbing the balloons on their heads.  My oldest however went around the table and collected all the ghosts she could get.  So I guess this game is really for children a little older than 2.  However you can still wow the little ones with floating ghosts and pumpkins because you are never too young for a little fun science!

What is happening with this experiment? 
When you rub the balloons against your hair they become negatively charged, however your hair (which is probably standing on end after rubbing the balloon on it) and the tissue paper ghosts and pumpkins are positively charged.

The positively charged ghosts and pumpkins are attracted to your negatively charged balloon so when the balloon is near they will start to rise to meet the balloon and even stick to it (similar to how positive and negative magnets stick to each other). 

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How to play the Game
Lay your tissue paper pumpkins and ghosts around the table
Give each child an orange or white balloon
When you say GO who ever can collect the most ghosts (for white balloons) or pumpkins (for orange balloons) wins.
NOTE:  if you collect a pumpkin with a white balloon you loose one ghost, if you collect a ghost with an orange balloon you loose one pumpkin.

Check out our SCIENCE and HALLOWEEN Pintrest boards for more fun ideas!


Tissue Paper (orange and white)
Balloons (orange and white)
Black Marker
Halloween Printable


 Trace and cut out your pumpkins and ghosts using your printable and tissue paper.
Then using your black marker draw faces on them.
 Blow up white and orange balloons for each kid.
Rub the balloons on your head to create the static electricity.
Use your balloon to pick up the ghosts and pumpkins
Static Electircity Game
If you have an orange balloon try to only get the orange pumpkins,
if you have a white balloon try to only get the white ghosts.
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35 thoughts on “Halloween Science Game – Static Electricity

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    1. Tracey Kite

      Thanks J! I know, and this one could be done for any holiday. Just use different colored balloons and different shapes.

    2. Ricky

      Jeg har lest alle de andre bøkene og likte dem godt, men da var jeg selv mye yngre. Nå blir det bare veldig mye plattheter og setivølgelfgheler og gjentakelser, så det føltes som å kaste bort tiden.

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  1. Carrie

    Oh, how neat!! I love it and we will definitely have to give it a try. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  2. Lizbeth McGow

    I will try anything that doesn’t involve rubbing your feet on the carpet and then going around zapping people…LOL…my kid’s favorite “science experiment”! Thank you so much for sharing with us Tracy! Have a great and fun weekend, Lizy party co host at Fluster Buster

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