Frog Life Cycle

By | June 27, 2014

Frog Life Cycle
Each year I try to do a fun Science Experiment with the girls, where they can observe animal life.  Last year we made our Earthworm Habitat, and got to observe how Earthworms help our gardens.  This year my oldest wanted to get some tadpoles and observe the Frog Life Cycle.

I will be honest, we tried to go out to a couple ponds to catch some tadpoles but we had no luck at all.  So we decided to head over to a pet store and ask if they had any or knew where we could get some.  To my surprise they actually had some!  Looks like they usually get one or two that come along with their guppies.  So I bought the two they had and a few other supplies then headed home with two very happy kids!  So if you can’t find any to catch, just call or visit your local pet store they may have some for you there.

Setting up for your tadpoles is pretty easy, just have a container you can fill part way with water (fresh clean water NOT TAP WATER) and add a large rock that sticks out of the water a bit so that when they grow legs they can get out of the water if they want too.  For food, we bought some Fish Pellets, however you can feed your tadpoles some small pieces of veggies and bugs if you like.


What is happening with this experiment? You will get to observe the transformation of a tadpole into a frog.  This process can take anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks depending on the type of frog your tadpole will become.  The first phase of change the is growth of back legs, the legs will get bigger and become more pronounced as the body of the frog elongates.  Next the front arms will pop out elbows first and then quickly change into the front legs of your frog.  You will now notice the tail is getting smaller and smaller until it is gone and all that is left is your little frog.

Check out our SCIENCE board on Pintrest for more Experiments!


Fish Bowl
Fish Pellets for food
large Rock
Clean Fresh Water (do not use tap)
Water Plants (optional)

TadpoleThe TadpoleTadpole with legsTadpole with back legs and longer bodyTadpole with four legsTadpole with four legs and long tailFrog with just a small tail leftThe little frog with just a little tail left that will be gone in the next day.

Frog Life Cycle

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