Flip Flop Crafts

By | June 19, 2014

Flip Flop Crafts

Summer is finally here and with this warmer weather it is time to pull out our flip flops. This year I thought it would be fun to do this flip flop craft with the girls and make our own flip flops the way we wanted them. Each of us picked out what colors we wanted and the embellishments to go with them.  Of course we all decided to do something a little different than the others.

My oldest daughter actually bought a kit for flip flops that came with the gems and flower. The gems were supposed to go on the straps, but she wanted to put them around the bottom. I actually think it turned out super cute on the bottom and then had to get some gems for the bottoms of mine too. They sell these gems on a clear sticky back so that you can apply the strips all at the same time, instead of gluing one gem on at a time. My little one ended up wanting to do hers the same way her sister did so her flower ribbon went on the bottom too.

Neither one of the girls wanted to decorate the straps of their shoes, but I still wanted to so I added some ribbon to mine. I also bought a pretty gem in the jewelry section to add on instead of a flower. I know mine are not quite as fun as the girls, but they are more sophisticated (if you can call flip flops sophisticated). We had so much fun making these that I think we will do this every year as a way to celebrate Summer!

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Flip Flops
Ribbon or Gem Strips
Flowers or Gem Strips
Beacon Flip Flop Glue


Applying stickers around flip flopsIf you are applying the gems, make sure you get the kind that are on a sticker sheet that you can just apply all at once to save time.
Just peal the sticky side off and apply around the bottom of your flip flop.

gluing ribbon around flip flopIf using a type of ribbon, use your glue then apply the ribbon around the bottom of shoe.

gluing ribbon around topTo apply the ribbon on the straps just put your glue on then apply ribbon.

glueing flower onApply some glue to the middle of your straps.

Gluing flower onThan place your flower or gem on it.

finished flip flopsOnce the glue is dry your new flip flops are ready to wear!

Flip Flop Crafts

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