Finger Paint Mess

By | May 17, 2012

Finger Paint Mess

Kids love finger painting, it is messy and fun. But have you ever thought of really letting them get messy with it.  I mean taking it outside and letting them do whatever they want?  I decided to let my girls do just that.

Running off with the paint!

I will say though that my 1 yr old was not as interested in it as my 4 yr old was.  My 1yr old like to steal the bottles of paint and walk around the yard.  But my oldest had a blast.  She painted with her hands then painted with her feet (it was a little slippery which made it fun).  After she was done making a big old mess we flipped the poster board over and she started mixing the colors.  She got too see that yellow and blue make green, and red and yellow make orange, but her favorite was mixing the blue and red for purple.

With the color mixing this is not only a fun messy project for the kids but it is a learning activity too.

Worried about the cleanup, no worries we used washable paint and it came out of everything easy.  I was worried that my youngest would eat the paint and get sick so the paint we used was also non-toxic because you know she stuck her paint covered finger in her mouth (man I can’t wait till she is over this stag).    So no worries with this project if you buy the non-toxic washable paint.

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Lay poster board out and squirt some paint on it.
Let the kids play and explore with the paint.

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