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By | November 17, 2013

EZ Paint

(Disclosure: I received a free sample of this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine!)

When I was asked if I would like to review EZPaint products I was so excited.  Both my girls (age 6 and age 2) LOVE to paint.  However it is always such a big deal when we do a painting project because I have to get them in their paint clothes, cover the table and chairs.  Make sure no paints are too close together because my little one just mixes them all up if they are.  Then after we are done I usually have to give my little one a bath because she some how she gets paint all over her.  So needless to say when I heard about these I was so ecstatic!  I mean just the idea of having a paint set that is no spill, non toxic,  little to no mess, washable, and easy clean up well I could not wait to try it out with my girls.

EZPaints were created by a mom and after you read my review below you will be able to tell that, she has solved all my painting issues with these paint sets.  EZPaints come in several different colors and finishes so no matter what project you are doing they will have the color for you.  They also come in sets of 16, 8, 5, and a 3 color set.  Each set comes with EZCards for the kids to paint and additional cards can be purchased.  With the Holidays coming up EZPaint is offering special Hanukka and Christmas EZPaint sets.  And if you are looking for a great stocking stuffer for the kids, look no further than EZPaint, they make a perfect stocking stuffer!

EZ PaintThe night I decided to try these out I did the unthinkable.  I did not cover my table and left the girls in their regular clothes.  I really wanted to try out the claims about easy clean up and little to no mess so I thought I would just go for it and see what happened.  Because each bottle has it’s own brush, there really is little mess and my youngest did not mix any of the paints at all.  She was also able to get each brush in and out of the jars without help, which is a big deal for a two year old.  She did however color on my table and got a little bit of paint on her fingers but a little mess with her is really to be expected.  By the time we were done painting the paint on the table was dry, so I was very surprised that it just wiped off with a wet paper towel.  And the paint on my daughters hands came right off when we washed them.  So for the first time with a painting project our clean up was super fast and easy, and my daughter did not get a drop on her clothes or hair this time.

I was also very curious about the no spill bottles.  So while my daughters were painting I opened up one jar and left it laying on it’s side.  It was in that position for a long time and not a single drop of paint came out of the bottle.  So I thought I would let my daughter turn one upside down for a while and see if we could get it to spill.  Nope not a drop, I have no clue how the paint does not come out of the bottles but it doesn’t we really tried and could  not get the EZPaint to spill.

EZ Paint Review EZ Paint Review

Needless to say I am pretty impressed with these paints.  Of-course the most important thing is that the kids like them and have fun with them, which was not an issue.  Both my girls had a blast painting, they each painted several pictures and my oldest even made a special one for her Teacher.

EZ Paint ReviewEZ Paint Review

EZ Paint ReviewThe last thing I wanted to test with these paints is weather or not you could use them to paint on different paper.  My girls really love to paint and I know they will be using these a lot so I wanted to see how they could use them.  So I got out a coloring book and let my little on paint it.  Coloring books have what I consider very thin paper and if you have ever let your kids color them with marker you know that the marker just bleeds though the page and then you can’t color the picture on the other side.  Well that is not an issue with these paints.   My daughter painted away and there was almost no bleeding through to the other side.  You can tell just slightly that there is color on there but not enough to keep you from painting the back.

Are you as excited about these paints as I am now?  If you are here is your chance to try them out and for FREE!  EZPaint is letting me giveaway three different sets to my wonderful readers!  1st place gets the 16 piece set, 2nd place gets an 8 piece set, and 3rd place gets the 5 piece set.  Just enter the giveaway below for your chance to win one of these awesome paint sets. Due to shipping cost this giveaway is ONLY available to US residents.

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