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My daughters last homework for Kindergarten was to make a charter out of a paper plate from her favorite book.  Well her favorite books are all the Pinkalicious books.  But we recently got her the new Emeraldalicious book and that is her current favorite, so that is who she wanted to make.

She had so much fun doing this that I wanted to share the idea with all of you.  It is a great project to do over the summer to help get the kids reading more.  I plan on making a few more charters from different books we read over the summer.  It will get my daughter more excited about reading different books so we can find new charters to make.  It also gets her creative juices flowing since we only start with a paper plate and have to design around that!

What are your kids favorite books?  How do you get them excited about reading?

Paper Plate
Pink & Green Construction paper
Brown Yarn
6 Craft Sticks
1 Green Craft Stick
Flower Stickers
2 Googly Eyes
Pink Foam Paper
Green Glitter Glue
Red Sharpie


 Glue Two Crafts sticks onto your paper Plate
 Glue Brown Yarn on paper plate for hair (note don’t add arms yet you will need to remove them later if you do)
 Glue on your Google Eyes
 Cut out a dress form from your pink construction paper and glue on
 Fold the ends of your green construction paper over and then glue to back of your dress
 Glue the two flaps down to the front of dress
Glue two sets of two crafts sticks together to make arms then glue them on
 Stick your flower stickers all over the green cape and on top of her hair for the crown
 Use your sharpie to draw a mouth and nose
 Cut out a hart from your foam paper then glue it to your green craft stick, Use your glitter glue to make a glitter hart in the middle then glue it to your arm.
Now you have your very own Emeraldalicious!

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8 thoughts on “Emeraldalicious

  1. Kristen

    She turned out great. I love seeing how parents combine books and crafts. So much fun.

    Thanks for linking up at Artsy Play Wednesday. Pinned to our group board.

  2. mail4rosey

    What a great way to enjoy the books even more. She’s a cutie and the project is too.

    Visiting today from Thursday’s Favorite Things. :)


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