Easy Childrens Art Display

By | December 28, 2012
Easy Children's Art Display

If your kids are like mine you find yourself with a LOT of art work and have no clue what to do with it all.  We do a lot of crafting at our house (I bet you did not guess that), but in addition to that both my girls bring me TONS of stuff they make at daycare and at school.  They are always so proud of the things they make but I have no idea what to do with it all.  Until I decided to really turn our playroom into a playroom (it really is the dinning room but now it is a playroom).

I decided to turn one wall into our Easy Childrens Art Display.  I got some cheap frames from the dollar store and painted them.  Then I just put some of their art into the frames and hung them.  Pretty cheap and simple.  And really this looks so cute that you don’t even need a playroom to do it.  If you just want to do one or two frames on a wall in the kitchen or hall I bet the kids would be so proud every time they walk by and see their work proudly displayed.  It is a great way to show them how proud you are of their work.

Check out our RECYCLED  and KID CRAFTS boards on Pintrest for more fun ideas!


Cheap dollar store frames
White spray paint (could use any color)
Children’s Art


 Use your spray paint to paint each frame any color you want.
 Once the frames dry put your art into the frames.
Now hang on the walls and see how proud your little artists are!
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12 thoughts on “Easy Childrens Art Display

  1. Diana - FreeStyleMama

    I really want to do something like this for our family photos, but paint all the frames black. I pinned this to possibly light a fire for me to actually do it! Our walls are so blank!!

  2. Ness @ One Perfect Day

    Love this! I’ve been thinking of framing R’s art to hang along our hallway. I never thought of hitting the dollar store and painting the frames. Brilliant idea! I love the white too – it always looks so great against the bright colors of children’s art.


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