Easter Egg Wreath

By | March 15, 2012
Easter Egg Wreath
I have been seeing a lot of Easter Egg Wreath on Pintrest lately and it made me think that hey we could make one of those.  So off to the dollar store I went and get the eggs, I did however get the foam ring and grass at hobby lobby.

This time instead of telling my daughter it was project time, she now told me “let’s do a project mommy!”  I think she may have the crafting bug, which is good and bad.  This weekend we did 3 projects back to back and she wanted more.  I am going to have to start getting really creative here.

This wreath was pretty easy to make, it just takes a little time since you have to glue on all the eggs, then glue the grass around the eggs.  However it is so worth the time because it just looks so beautiful hanging on the wall!


Easter Eggs
foam ring
Easter grass
Glue gun
Elmer’s glue
Easter Ribbon


Glue Plastic Eggs onto WreathStart by gluing your eggs around the out side of the ring then the top then the inside with your glue gun.  And it is okay if there are white spots showing and the eggs are not all touching.

 Glue Basket stuffing inbetween eggsOnce all eggs are on, use your Elmer’s glue around the eggs on the parts of foam that are showing, then stick your grass in those spots.

Cover all white spots with basket stuffingI also wrapped the grass around the eggs after my daughter shoved it in the “holes”.  Then you can cut off some excess grass if you want.  (I left ours pretty messy but I like it that way).

 Glue ribbon on back of Egg WreathTo hang this we used a cute Easter ribbon, just cut a long enough piece off then fold it over and using your glue gun glue it in place on back of your wreath.  Now you can use a thumb tack or nail to hang from a wall or door and no one  will see it (nail the inner piece of ribbon so the outer one will cover it)

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3 thoughts on “Easter Egg Wreath

  1. Jillian Shelton

    Very nice thank you for sharing, Love the pic of the little one with a ring pop lol got to have candy when making a masterpiece lol

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