Easter Egg Tree

By | March 7, 2012

Easter Egg Tree

I know St. Patty’s Day is not over yet, but Easter is so close to it that I figured I could decorate and craft for both. I got the idea for this craft from our Pom Pom Christmas Tree’s we made. We really did have a lot of fun making those and they turned out so cute that when I saw these little eggs I thought why not give it a try. And I have to say this little Easter egg tree makes such a cute center piece for our table. I put some of the basket grass around it then some larger plastic eggs. The perfect Easter decoration!

My oldest daughter started making this by just gluing eggs on the cone starting from the bottom and working her way up.  It is pretty easy to make and she had a lot of fun doing it.  We used a glue gun to make this, I just showed my daughter how to hold it and just put a little glue on each egg then stick it onto the tree.  I told her to make sure she kept the hot glue away from her fingers and she did, she did not have any issues using the glue gun at all.  


Styrofoam Cones
Small plastic eggs
Glue Gun




Start gluing your eggs on the cone from the bottom up.




Once done just put out for decoration.  You can do like we did with the grass and eggs, or put it on the mantle or a shelf.


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  1. Sherry

    I like the Easter Egg Tree! I found you on Made in a Day Blog Hop party & I’m now following. I would appreciate you doing the same. Thanks


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