Earth Day Sign

By | April 18, 2012
Earth Day Sign

With Earth Day this Sunday I wanted to do something that would help me teach my daughter about the earth.  And when I think about the Earth I think about being outside in nature.  So this craft is all about nature and different things you can find in nature.

We choose blue paper because I simply could not figure out how to add water to this craft so the blue symbolizes water.  Then we used dirt, grass, rocks, flowers, and twigs.  These are all things you see when you are in nature.    I explained to my daughter about how the dirt and water helps the grass and flowers grow.  And that the twigs come from the trees that are planted in the dirt and also need water.  And that the rocks are what the Earth’s crust is made of.

It was cool seeing her put this all together and learn how everything works together and supports each other. She had a lot of questions so if you do this with your kids be ready to answer some pretty off the wall questions (you know the kind of questions only a kid can come up with, like what does water need?) I think this is a big part of what Earth Day is about and we had a great time learning and crafting at the same time.

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Blue construction paper


 After collecting all your Earthly supplies, start by writing EARTH on your blue construction paper.  This will help you space out the letters with the glue.
 Trace the letter E in glue then sprinkle your dirt on the glue.  You will need to shake off the excess dirt after this.
 For each remaining letter trace it in glue then apply your grass to one, then the rocks, flowers, and twigs.  For the twigs you may have to break them to be the correct size you need for your letters.


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13 thoughts on “Earth Day Sign

  1. Jill

    Great lesson for the kiddos! Thanks for linking up to the Pomp Party!

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  2. free essays

    Very creative. Of all the calamities happened around the globe, I really think it’s time for us to take some extra care of our mother Earth.

    Going to that artwork, it’s really beautiful and a great reminder for all to beautify Earth where we live in.

    1. Ecogoodz

      Tracey– We’ve featured this project on our blog here: We love that your idea helps reinforce the earth-friendly message that you don’t need to spend money or use new resources for projects; that art can be created from found objects in your own backyard! Thanks for sharing and Happy Earth Day 2015!

      From your friends at Ecogoodz, a used clothing wholesaler

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