Duct Tape Obstacle Course

By | May 19, 2012
Duct Tape Obstacle Course

What to do on a rainy day?  Why not make an obstacle course out of duct tape!  I mean everyone has duct tape on hand right?  No worries this is super easy to do and the kids will love it, oh shoot I even gave it a try.  I will say though that my daughters were much better at getting through than I was, my booty kept getting caught on tape.  Oh well it was still fun and my girls played with this for quite a while then we had a blast running into it to tear it down.

After my youngest went through a few times I added a  bunch more tape because it was just too easy for my oldest to get through.  The cool thing about this is you can make it as hard or as easy as you want which also makes it great for for any age child (or adult).

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Duct Tape


 In a hall way or anywhere in the house where you can tape the ends of the tape to something (if you don’t have a space in the house that this will work, try moving the couch a couple feet out from the wall and doing it there)
Put the tape on one end then the other end of something criss crossing and sideways, make it so that the kids will have to crawl under and climb over the tape.
No just get through your obstacle course, if it seems too easy the first time get in there and add more tape.
That’s me already got my butt stuck on the tape and I just started… maybe it is my form?

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9 thoughts on “Duct Tape Obstacle Course

    1. We-Made-That.com

      Awesome! Thanks so much for featuring it! I grabbed your button! Hope when you try it your kids LOVE it as much as mine did!!

  1. Narelle Heath

    What fun! Now I’m looking around my house for the best place to set it up. I think the passage to the laundry is the best spot, but do I really want to create an obstacle course to do the washing – hmmm…

  2. Donna

    I know this is an old post, but I just discovered it! I immediately dropped what I was doing (lesson planning) and made an obstacle course for my children. I did it in the hallway right outside their doors. I told them I needed to take care of something and for them to stay in their rooms for a few minutes. Then I counted to three and told them come out cautiously, LOL. They were so surprised! Thanks for the great idea, it reminded them of the laser obstacle at Legoland!

    1. wemadethat Post author

      Oh Donna, how fun! I am so glad they all enjoyed it and had fun. We have done this a few times, they girls love it and it is great indoor fun on a rainy or snowy day! Thanks so much for letting me know how it went this totally made my day!


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