DIY Strawberry Planter

By | April 8, 2013
DIY Strawberrry Planter

SPRING IS HERE!  Finally Spring has decided to show up in the Midwest.  I tend to go a little crazy this time of year doing projects outside.  I am just so sick of Winter and love being outside in this nice weather.   We spent pretty much the entire weekend getting things ready for planting season.  We are going to really give a garden a go this year and try to grow our own food.

One of the things I have been wanting to grow is Strawberries, and I am sick of waiting so I thought if we made some DIY Strawberry Planters we could just bring in our plants if we get another cold snap.  I also wanted to use some of my cans I have been collecting and thought they would make great hanging planters.  Another great way to reuse some of our waste (and it saves money too!).

My little one really LOVED the painting part of this project, her favorite part was doing the polka dots.  My older one is starting to take our projects a little more serious and wanting to make things look pretty so she is taking her time now and really trying to do thing the right way (instead of her way, which is not always the right way). She also helped her sister with the planting, it is so cute to watch them together.

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Have you started planting or getting ready to plant a garden this year yet?

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32oz Tin Cans
Paint brush
Round stencil brush
Hemp string
Strawberry Plant


 Paint your cans what ever color you like (we used green)
 If you feel like it decorate them, the girls used stencil brushes to put polka dots on the cans
 Use your hammer and nail to put holes in the bottom for water drainage.
 Slide the open end of one can in the bottom of the other and make three larger holes for the sting. (You will need the harder surface the other can provides to get the nail in)
Tie your string in the three hole then tie all three sting in a knot at the end.
 Fill your cans about 1/4 way with some dirt (or potting soil)
 Now put your Strawberry plants in and add extra dirt if needed.
 Now you are ready to hang your Strawberries up and wait for some yummy fruit to grow!
We hung ours off the back porch, I know it is a little early but with these if it gets a little cold out we can just bring them inside, that is the great thing about container gardens!

UPDATE:  We got to pick and eat some Strawberries today!  My little one kept asking for more so I sure hope they keep growing!


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70 thoughts on “DIY Strawberry Planter

  1. Marcy Knopf

    What a fun & EASY project (my fav kind!) I’m Pin’n this and think I’ll use it as a Cub Scout Activiy =) p.s. I found you from the Craft-O-Maniac Party! @

  2. sewcreativeblog

    Those are so cute! Fabulous blog! I liked your facebook page from the Facebook Frenzy and had to click through to your blog because I thought we looked like we share similar interests. I’m going to start following you with Bloglovin. :)

    Best Wishes,


  3. tumbleweed-contessa

    Cute planters and even cuter little girls! Great idea. Now I have another project. But I would have to use wire to hang them by. The hemp would wear through after a few windy days. (Wild West Texas winds blowing 50+mph right now!)

    Thanks for sharing on What’d You Do This Weekend?


    1. Tracey Kite

      We had a pretty bad storm the night we hung these up and they stayed put. The hemp is pretty thick and strong. But wire would work great too! And thanks so much for hosting!

  4. Cynthia Landrie

    What a great idea! Your girls look like they are having so much fun. I found your page from the Made In a Day link party. I am now following your social medias!

    I would love it if you would link up and recipes, crafts, DIY or an Etsy shop at my link party. The In and Out of the Kitchen party is live right now! Thanks and hope to see you there!

    Cynthia at

    1. Tracey Kite

      Thanks for stopping by and following! I am following you now too and linked up to your linky! Thanks for the invite!

  5. Judy Whatilivefor

    I am LOVING spring as well…we are outside frequently and I just soak up the fresh air. My peppers just popped out of the ground this week and my tulips are in full bloom :).

    I really like this idea. My 5 year old is a strawberry monster and would love nothing more than harvesting his own strawberries!

    1. Tracey Kite

      WOW you must live in the South! We have not put anything in the ground yet, just starting the seeds inside because Winter is still hanging on. Oh how I miss living in the South!

  6. Joyce

    Love this idea, and it brings back memories of when my children used to like doing crafts, cherish it. We grew strawberries in containers one year, didn’t go to well, not that you will experience the same.

    Yes, Yes!!!! We have seedlings growing in starter containers, and also some seeds sown directly in the ground.

    would love for you to link the up at Tuesdays With a Twist.

  7. mamawee

    I absolutely LOVE this idea! I will be pinning it and attempting with my boys sometime in the coming weeks!

  8. Coombe Mill

    Such a fun activity and the promise of strawberries to come! Do join me on my Country Kids linky too, outdoor fun for Kids every Saturday. Just found you from Hobbies and Handicrafts.

    1. Tracey Kite

      Thanks so much! I can’t wait till we have some fresh strawberries! And thanks for the invite I will head over and link up!

  9. Jenny Paulin

    such a lovely activity to do with little ones and those planters look brilliant! i must bookmark this one too especially as my two adore strawberries x

  10. jmommymom

    The tin cans turned out very nice. I always get spring fever this time of year too and just want to blow off school and play outside.

  11. TheBoyandMe

    This is gorgeous, I’ve pinned this and I think I’ll be doing this with The Boy in the next fortnight. I planted my strawberries last year but had nowhere to hang them with the weight of the basket, these are much more easy to site around the garden!

    Nipping over from the Country Kids linky (

  12. Charly Dove

    These look great and it seemed like you all had a great time. Will be a good thing to try with my two year old when she’s a bit bigger :)

  13. Sarahmumof3

    they are lovely and I think I will give this ago, my garden needs some serious TLC as the dogs just destroy all the ground plants.

  14. Natasha In Oz

    Thank you so much for sharing this at the Say G’day Saturday linky party. I will be featuring this at this week’s party.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  15. Jacquie Fisher

    What a great idea! I’m also in the Midwest and can’t wait for spring to get here and stay :) Thanks for linking up at the Discover & Explore Earth Day share!

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  28. Lauren

    What kind of paint did you use? Would the washable tempura paint work?


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