DIY Pirate Flag

By | September 19, 2012

 I can’t help but laugh because it is National Talk Like A Pirate Day.  Who knew?  I know I sure didn’t when we did this project and planned to post it today.  But then I guess somethings are meant to be right?

Truthfully I can not even take full credit for this project, last year when my hubby built the kids a new swing set my daughter wanted a pirate flag on it.  So I went out and bought some black fabric but had no idea what to do next.  It just so happened that my mom came down for a visit that weekend and I told her about the flag and that I had no clue how to attach the flag to the stick my daughter found without sewing (because well I can’t sew, oh all right I probably could if I learned but who has the time?).  That is when my mom suggested cutting the strips out of the fabric when we cut the flag out so we could just tie it onto the stick…. BRILLIANT!!  Why do mothers have to be so smart?  Oh wait I am a mother now so that means I am super smart, so it is okay ;).

Well one year later and our flag that spent every rainy, snowy, and sunny day outside is ready to be replaced ( I am actually surprised it lasted as long as it did).  Luckily I had left over fabric from the first one so I told my daughter that we were going to make a new pirate flag and she was so excited.  This time though she had some new ideas (oh no!).  This time our skeleton face had to be happy because it found it’s treasure (She is 5 with a great imagination!) and we had to paint it with pink glitter paint and well it had to have a bow on it’s head because it is a girl pirate flag.

Don’t worry if you have boys you can leave the bow and pink glitter out of this project!


Black Fabric
Big Stick or Tree Branch
Paint (we used pink glitter paint)
Paint Brush


Cut your fabric out leaving an extra strip on top and bottom of the flag 
 Cut the strips down the middle making 2 strips on top and bottom (so you can tie it on to your stick or branch)
 Paint your skeleton face and bones onto your flag, you can totally leave out the bow if you want!
 Tie your flag onto your stick and let the neighborhood know that Pirates be a comin

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10 thoughts on “DIY Pirate Flag

  1. Summer

    GREAT BLOG!! Really enjoyed reading your posts and loved many of your crafts. Following you on facebook and here and looking forward to your future posts.

  2. Elmer Cruz

    Very Cute! I need to get around to making a couple of these for myself. I’ve had the flag stand for a while now. Thanks!


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