DIY Hairbow Holder

By | January 24, 2013
DIY Hairbow Holder

Last week on our We Made That Wednesday Linky Jessica at A Humble Creation shared her DIY Hairbow Holder and I was so excited.   This was the answer to my youngest daughters hairbow mess.  You see I love doing her hair and putting pretty bows and clips in it, but they were all over the place and I could never find matching pairs when I wanted to do pigtails.  Lets just say it was a disaster.

So when I saw Jessica’s post I new this would solve all my hair-bow woes and give me something cute to put on my daughters wall!  So off I went to the store to get supplies.  You see Jessica came up with the idea because she broke the glass from a frame she had, I did not have a frame to use so I needed one.  And me being the cheap frugal girl I am, I did not want to spend much so I ended up buying a cheap five dollar frame from Walmart.  So I had to paint it since they only come in black and that would not have matched my daughters room.  But no big deal I don’t mind painting things if it saves me money.

After all is said and done, I LOVE our new hairbow holder and it looks so pretty in my daughters room.  It makes getting her ready in the morning that much easier since all her bows are in one place and the matches are with them.  So I have to give a big shout out to Jessica, she is brilliant and really solved a big problem for me with her awesome creativeness.  She is also a great blogger with so many great ideas that I highly encourage every single one of you to head on over to A Humble Creation and check her out, and don’t forget to follower her while you are there!

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Fabric to fit frame
Glue Gun


Paint your frame the color you want.
 Cut your Fabric to fit the cardboard backing of your frame. Leave about 1/2 an inch extra fabric on each side.
 Use your glue gun to glue your fabric to the cardboard.
 Layout your ribbon in the shape you would like, then glue it down.
Put the cardboard backing back on your frame (without the glass!).  It is okay that the back is not painted and that you see the fabric and ribbon since it is the back and will be against the wall.
 Now fill your new Hair bow holder with hair bows.
DIY Hairbow HolderAnd then hang it on the wall.
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9 thoughts on “DIY Hairbow Holder

  1. Jessica @ A Humble Creation

    This looks SO good! I love the fabric and ribbon you chose and I’m sure your girls do too! I’m so honored that you enjoyed my project enough to make one of your own. Isn’t it fun getting great ideas from each other? Like several of yours that are still on my to-do list!


      Thanks so much for thinking of this and sharing it with me! I just love how it looks and how much time it saves me from searching for hairbows all the time! You are brilliant!

  2. Brenda

    Great project! This turned out very cute … & an extremely useful thing to have around! ;) Thanks for sharing :)


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