DIY Christmas Gift

By | December 8, 2014

DIY Christmas Gift

When making gifts for family and friends I always try and think of something that they would actually want and/or could use.  Then I have to figure out if it is also something the girls can make so when I thought about these fun Christmas air fresheners for the cars, I knew it was the perfect DIY Christmas Gift.

The way I figure it, is pretty much everyone in the family has a car so they can all use one of these beauties.  And my oldest had so much fun making them, she now can’t wait to give them to everyone.  The hardest thing about making everyone a gift is holding on to them till Christmas, she wants to give them all away now.

As far as what sent you want to make these it is totally up to you.  We did some with just a gardenia sent, which I know is not really a Christmas sent however it is very light and smells great in the car (yes I had to try one out and have it hanging in the car already).  We are also doing some with a pine sent which is also a very light sent.  Since these are going in cars I don’t want them to be too strong since they will be in a confined space.

Another thing to think about when picking a sent is if you use just regular scented oil you will need more oil than if you use essential oils.  Essential oils are much stronger so a little goes a long way.

These would also make a great project for school, or a play-date group.  And it will be a unique homemade gift that everyone will love.

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Air Freshener Template
Firm Felt Paper (in white, black, red, and green)
Scented Oil
Eye Dropper
Glue Gun
Hole Punch


 Cutting out templatePrint out your template then cut out them out

Tracing out the template onto feltTrace them on to your felt and cut them out

Gluing center of flower onGlue your center onto your flowers and your hat onto your snowman

Punching hole at top of freshenerPunch a hole in the top of each air freshener

Putting ribbon through holeCut out some of your ribbon (make sure it is long enough to fit over the mirror in car) and string a piece through each air freshener

Adding the Sented OilUse your eye dropper to add your scented oil to the back of each one

All the FreshenersMy daughter is so proud of her hard work!

DIY Christmas GiftNow you are ready to wrap them out and give this homemade gift to someone special

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