DIY Catnip Toy

By | January 4, 2013
DIY Catnip Toy

Back in the beginning of December we got my oldest daughter a kitten.  She had been wanting one for a long time but had to be VERY good in school for one month to earn it.  Well it took her a couple tries but she did it.  November was a great month for her and she earned her baby kitty.

Her and her new kitten Buddy (that is the name she gave him) have been inseparable. I am amazed at how much this little guy loves her.  He follows her around and sleeps with her every night.  He is the perfect little kitty for her.

So while wasting more time on Pintrest the other night I ran across this cute little craft to make cat toys out of baby socks by Martha Stewart.  Well you know as soon as I saw it we just had to make them.  Since we have a couple adult cats too we made a few that way they would not have to fight over them.  I have to say they came out really cute and the cats LOVED them.  I will admit that I was a little worried that I would have catnip all over the house but these things don’t leak catnip at all.

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Baby Socks


 Pour some catnip into your socks, don’t fill the sock.
 Tie a knot in the middle of the sock.  This will form the head and tail of your fish.
Draw a fish face onto your socks.
 Make sure to make one for each cat so they don’t have to fight over them!
 Watch your cats play with their new toys!
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4 thoughts on “DIY Catnip Toy

  1. J

    Hi! Visiting from Diana’s link party and just love your cute daughter and the cat toy idea. I have 6 rescued cats and 6 grandkids (also with cats!) I think we will eventually make these too. Thanks for the idea!


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