Daddy Daddy, It’s Time For Bed – Book Review

By | December 23, 2012

My sister actually gave me this book, the author is a friend of hers that she bowls with (yes people still bowl).  I know what you are thinking, you would not expect a bowler to be a children’s book writer; well anyone can be a parent and parents usually know what kids like/want.  And the author of  Daddy Daddy, It’s Time For Bed! Michael P. Callahan certainly knows what kids like/want.
My very first reaction when I opened the book was that I really liked the Illustrations.  My kids are usually drawn in first by the pictures since they can not read on there own yet.  So the pictures have to be able to tell a story the kids can understand and this book does that.
But even if the pictures are great, the story still has to be something the kids will like, and this story is.  It is about a boy who is ready for bed but sees Monsters in his room.  What kid does not go to bed and see monsters.  I know I did when I was little and both my girls do too (especially when they don’t want to go to sleep).  Both my girls actually really like the book and and my oldest made me read it twice the first night.  Then the next night Daddy had to read it twice again.  The little one has only had the chance for us to read it once since my oldest has now stolen the book for herself (we have some sharing issues in our house).
I highly recommend this book Daddy Daddy, It’s Time For Bed!, not only is it written & illustrated well but it will help with the issue of Monsters at bed time.   And trust me when I say the kids will LOVE it because my oldest does not usually like to read the same book over and over again (she likes to read a different book each night) but this one is still on her bed waiting to be read again.

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15 thoughts on “Daddy Daddy, It’s Time For Bed – Book Review

  1. Donna Heber

    This looks like a wonderful book for children. Thank you for sharing your review with us. I’m co-hosting with Katherine this week at Thursday Favorite Things and hope you will stop by for a visit. Wishing you all the best in 2013.

  2. Ang

    My son Ethan would love this – I can’t wait to see if our library has a copy of it :) Thanks for linking up to the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

  3. Jump into A Book

    I know a whole bunch of children in this house who claim to see monsters at bedtime. Will definitely have to check this book out. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Renee C.

    Great job on the review! My kids are afraid of ghosts in their rooms so I can relate. I love that book cover – my kids would totally love it too. By the way, in our city we have a bowling alley a few blocks away that has free bowling for families all summer long – you just pay for the shoe rentals. Our family loves bowling! :)

    Thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Hope you’ll join us again! :)

  5. snacksformax

    I am inexcusably late hopping this round! On the bright side, I’ll remind everyone of the new Hop this coming Wed. :) This is the second monster book I’ve seen in this round of the hop. Funny! See you soon in Wed.’s hop!

  6. Ruth Hill

    Sounds like a cute book. Thanks for sharing even though my little one is too old for this.

    Just found you through Moms Monday Mingle, and I am now following me. Check out my new blog (google deleted my old one) if you’re interested:


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