Craft Stick Flowers

By | March 17, 2013
Craft Stick Flowers

We are in the middle of redoing our playroom in the house.  And one of the things I have been working on is covering the walls with my daughter’s art projects.  However I don’t want the whole room decorated in just colored pages or drawings so we have been working on some other types of projects that we can hang on the walls.

That is when I thought of making some craft stick flowers, these not only look great on the wall but they are perfect for Spring.  And trust me when I tell you I am so ready for Spring!  So the other day I put all our supplies on the table and told my daughter to make some flowers.  I showed her how to do it and then let her do whatever she wanted.

We used two different size crafts sticks for our flowers but you could just use the normal size ones and cut them in half if you choose.  You could also use larger wood circles (they come in packs with a few in them) and make larger flowers if you wanted.  Really the possibilities with this project are endless because you get to use your imagination.  So get your sticks and start making some flowers, and add a little Spring to your room!

Check out our SPRING board on Pintrest for more fun ideas!

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Craft Sticks
Mini Craft Sticks
Wood Circles
Glue Stick


 Glue your crafts sticks & mini crafts sticks onto your wood circles to make a flower.
For the stem glue two crafts sticks coming off your circle.  Then glue two mini crafts sticks to the stem to make the leafs.
Once all your glue is dry paint your flowers.
We used double sided tape to hang our flowers on the wall.

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