Color Sensory Bag

By | July 25, 2013
Sensory Bag

We have been working with my little one (she is 2 1/2) on learning her colors.  We have done a few projects lately that help her with colors like our Color Mixing Experiment.  I have been wanting to do a sensory bag with her for a while and since my oldest was visiting grandma for the week and I thought it would be a great time to do one with her.

In the past we have done a few sensory things and she has always loved them, just check out our sensory page to see them all!  But we have never done a bag and I always thought they were neat.  But since we are working on colors I thought I would focus this one more on colors too.

The bag is pretty easy to make, to start you just need a bottle of hair gel.  Which you can get at the dollar store so you don’t have to spend a fortune on it.  Then you just add what ever you want to the bag for their sensory play.  In this one I added some pom poms and buttons in different colors and then asked her to find me different colors (like I asked if she could show me something red).  And she would show me the colors she knew and then mush and squish the bag some more.


Gallon Size Ziploc Bag
1 Bottle Hair Gel
Colored Pom Pom
Colored Buttons


 Pour all the hair gel into your gallon size Ziploc bag
 Add your pom pom’s and buttons, then try and push out all the air and seal the bag very good!
Ask the child if they can find you a color
  Let the kids explore the feel and colors in the bag
 Feel free to smooch it into a ball if they want
Then find another color

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6 thoughts on “Color Sensory Bag


    Such a great idea! My toddler will love this as she’s into sensory play now. Thanks for sharing! Coming by from Tender Momens blog hop.

  2. Kirstylee Cassidy

    It looks like your toddler is having so much fun! :) Unfortunately, I can never get my kids in these sensory bags. They always get bored in less than a minute. I’m glad your toddler had fun, though.

  3. Kathy Penney

    How fun! This is perfect for my 3 year old! We are so doing this. Pinning it to my kiddos board. Thanks for coming back and sharing at All Things Pretty!


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