Color Mixing Experiment

By | July 8, 2013

If you have not noticed I really do enjoy doing Science Experiments with my girls.  And they really do enjoy them, but they enjoy doing things with color mixing even more.  That is why I thought we could try this out and combine the two things together.  We have done a few experiments in the past where we tried some color mixing like our Water Transfer Experiment.  But I wanted to do one with just the color mixing so we could really focus on it (my youngest child is in the process of learning colors so this was a great color mixing experiment for her, she is two).

Both girls had fun squishing the paint around in the baggies and even though my oldest is six she still thought it was cool when new colors developed.   After they had their fun mixing the colors we talked about primary colors (this was more for my six year old’s benefit) and that the red, yellow, and blue are primary colors because they can be combined together to make new colors.

I liked this experiment because it let the kids mix the colors slowly and really see them change to the three new colors.  I left the baggies taped to the table for most of the day and both girls would come back and look at the colors and try to mix them more to see what would happen (the new colors just got darker and more noticeable).

What is happening with this experiment? 
 In this experiment you will learn that the primary colors red, yellow, and blue can be mixed to make new colors.  When the red and yellow paint is mixed you will make the color orange.  The yellow and blue mixture will make green, and the red and blue will make purple.


Red Paint
Yellow Paint
Blue Paint
3 Gallon Size Baggies per child


 Start by taping your baggies down to the table, leave the top untapped so you can add the paint
 Add some yellow and red paint to one bag, red and blue paint to one bag, and yellow and blue pain to the last bag.  Then seal and tape the baggies up (this will help to keep it from getting messy)
Color Mixing Experiment Let the kids mush the colors together and see what happens.  Does it make a new color?
 Each bag makes a different color, now you can discuss Primary colors and how they are used to make new colors.  Ask the kids what color each color combination made.

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15 thoughts on “Color Mixing Experiment

    1. Tracey Kite

      It kept mine busy for over an hour. They sure love to squish things and the fact that it makes a new color they just thought was awesome!

  1. Hannah

    This looks like so much fun. My four year old is right into mixing colours right now and this is such a novel way to do it. :)

  2. jmommymom

    Paint squishing looks like a lot of fun on it’s own. I love that you made this a color mixing activity.

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