Christmas Tree Pancakes

By | December 20, 2012
Christmas Tree Pancakes

Pancakes are a big hit our house.  And my girls love it when we do fun stuff with them, like when we made our Pinkalicious Pancakes or when we made our Jack O Lantern Pancakes for Halloween.  So I am sure it comes to no surprise that we had to make a special pancake treat for Christmas.

I was actually planning on waiting till this weekend to make these Christmas Tree Pancakes but we got our first snow day today and since the first snow day is special I thought it would be a great time to make these for the girls.  My oldest daughter woke up early so she helped me make them.  I told her we were going to make a big Christmas tree pancake and when I started making round pancakes she got pretty confused but I told her to wait and she would see the tree in the end.

Now for those of you who have tried to make color pancakes and failed because when cooked they are more brown than anything, I found a new trick today to get your pancakes the color you want.  Cook the pancakes till almost done on just one side (make sure your burner is not too high or they will burn).  Then flip the pancakes and let the other side cook for just a minute then remove.  Now the brown part on the 2nd side will peal right off and you will have beautiful color pancakes (see pictures below if you want to see what I am talking about).

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Pancake Mix (any kind you want)
Green Food Color
Almond Hersey Kisses (because the wrappers are gold)


 Make your pancake mix as directed, then add your green food color to the mix.
 Cook your pancakes on med to med low heat so they cook almost all the way on one side.
 Flip pancakes when almost done and let cook for a few seconds.  Remove the brown from the 2nd side of pancakes to show the green color of pancakes.
Line up your pancakes to look like a Christmas tree, then decorate with candy.
 Watch for the big surprise faces on the kids before they dig in and eat your tree!

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  1. Lisa

    oh that is SO clever! love it! thanks for the inspiration-think i will make this on christmas morn :)

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