Christmas Tree Brownies

By | December 15, 2013

Christmas Tree Brownies

I’ve posted before about how my daughters school does a Care Cart for the teachers each month.  The care cart is made up of donated treats all the parents donate for the teachers.  This month I signed up to bring in brownies, but since Christmas is just over a week away I decided I would spice them up a bit and make Christmas Tree Brownies instead of just plain old brownies.

I took the easy way out for these and just used boxed brownie mix.  I used two boxes and then split them into three 11/14 dishes.  I did that so the brownies would be thinner and I could get more trees out of them.  Since you use a cookie cutter to cut out the tree shapes, there are a lot of crumbs left over when you are done.  We just ate the crumbs, but they would be great over some ice cream too!

Instead of using frosting on these I decided I would use melted white chocolate died green.  I LOVE white chocolate and thought it would taste a little better than regular frosting.  I let my daughter try one after they were all made and she really liked the chocolate on top, hopefully the teachers will too!

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2 Boxes Brownies (made according to to package directions)
1 1/2 Cups White Chocolate Chips
Green Food Color
Christmas Tree Cookies Cutter


Christmas Tree BrowniesMake your 2 boxes of brownie batter according to package directions

Christmas Tree BrowniesPour your batter into 3 11×14 pans (not 2 as the package will suggest)

Christmas Tree BrowniesUse your cookie cutter to cut out the Christmas tree shapes

Christmas Tree BrowniesPour your white chocolate chips in a pot and heat up over med/low heat.

Add your green food color once chocolate starts to melt.

Christmas Tree BrowniesFrost your Christmas Tree Brownies using a knife or spoon.

Then add sprinkles before chocolate hardens.

Christmas Tree BrowniesMy daughter loved them hopefully the teachers will too!

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