Christmas Styrofoam Figures

By | December 18, 2011
Christmas Styrofoam Figures

For some reason I really loved my Halloween Styrofoam Figures so I had to make some for Christmas.  I just love how they look on the top of the cabinets in my Kitchen, they really look like I went out and bought some nice holiday figures and put them up.  But we know they are really super cheap Christmas Styrofoam figures.

I had left over Styrofoam from Halloween, so I only had to my the foam sheets to decorate my figures. And I don’t know about you all, but I love it when I don’t have to buy much to do a fun craft.


Christmas Tree Pattern
Snowman Pattern
Styrofoam Sheet
Foam Paper
Glue Gun
Kitchen Knife
Googly Eyes


 Print out your patterns and cut them out.  Then trace the pattern on the Styrofoam, and cut out with kitchen knife.
 Now use your patterns to trace and cut out the foam paper
 Using your glue gun glue the foam cutouts to the Styrofoam cut out.
 If you use a thin piece of Styrofoam (like I did) cut out a triangle piece of Styrofoam and using the glue gun glue it to the back of each figure to act as a stand.
 Chrismas Styrofoam Figures
Now just find a place to put them up.

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