Chocolate Chip Snow Ice Cream

By | February 24, 2013
Snow Ice Cream

Last week we got the worst snow storm in over 2 years (that is what the weather people said).  And well all the schools were out and the whole city was pretty much shut down.  So we had a Snow Day!  We knew a couple days before that this storm was going to be bad and that the schools were going to shut down so I started thinking of some fun things we could do for our snow day.  And the first thing I thought of was Snow Ice cream.

You see I am from Florida so I have never had snow ice cream before.  To be honest this was the most snow I had ever seen with over a foot on the ground.  So as soon as I knew that we were going to be getting so much snow I went searching the web for some recipes.  And I came across Paula Deen’s Snow Ice Cream and I thought you can’t go wrong with Paula so I decided to try hers out.  We did add some chocolate chips to ours at the request of my oldest daughter.  But the rest of the recipe is all Paula.  And it was YUMMY! The girls did not stop eating till their bowls were empty and both the hubs and I loved it too!

One piece of advice, if you are going to be getting a LOT of snow mark where you put your bowl outside or go out and get it before the snow is over.  My bowl got buried and I had to dig it out, but lesson learned and with the next storm (which will be here tomorrow night) I will remember to go get my bowl early and sit it on my porch till we are ready to make our ice cream.  And no worries if you live in Florida (or anywhere else where you don’t get snow) you can still try this out.  Just use shaved ice, throw a bunch of ice in your blender and you can see what snow ice cream tastes like!  Check out our Snow Snow Cones too!

What do you do on Snow Day’s?


8 Cups Snow
1 Can Condensed Milk
1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract
1/3 Cup Chocolate Chips (optional)


 Put a bowl out in the snow to collect the snow.
 Pour your snow into a large bowl
 Pour Condensed Milk in to bowl
 Pour Vanilla Extract into bowl, then stir.
 Add your chocolate chips if desired.
 Scoop it out and serve.
Enjoy this is some good Ice Cream!

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26 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Snow Ice Cream

  1. Tracey Glass

    This is something that the girls and I can do one day since they are constantly asking for ice cream when there isn’t any in the house…and it seems to be snowing all of the time now.

    Your girls are so adorable. They look like they had fun making it.

    Thanks for sharing!



      I hope you don’t get a snow storm! But if you don’t want to wait till next year you can always crush some ice in the blender and make it with that!

  2. Jessica @ A Humble Creation

    That looks delicious! I’m glad to live in a warm climate, but this recipe makes me think I might like snow once in awhile!

    Thanks for sharing at A New Creation. I always enjoy your creative projects!

  3. Lisa@hooplapalooza

    oh my gosh your kids are ADORABLE! and that snow ice cream? i do live in FL and want the real thing! so i guess i will make some and pretend it’s snow-boohoo
    but it sounds awful good especially with the condensed milk :)


      Thanks Rebecca! We have not gotten enough snow for this in a couple years. So while we have it we got to take advantage so we have made about 3 patches already.


      They both love to help in the kitchen. I try to let them as much as I can and usually when we do special recipes for them they do most of the prepping.

  4. Carrie

    Oh, how fun!! We may have to try this next time it snows, which after this last storm that is just ending, I hope will be next year. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

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