Cheerios Necklace

By | July 27, 2012
Cheerios Necklace

My baby comes home tomorrow… WOO HOO.  Okay she is a big kid now but well she is still my baby and always will be.  She has had such a great time with the family in Florida I am a little worried she won’t want to come back home at all.

I have enjoyed spending time with my toddler this week though, when Amanda is home it is hard to get that one on one time with Amelia.  You know the 5yr old seems to take over everything.  So I did another project with Amelia last night.  This is one I have been wanting to do for some time but just have not gotten around too it yet.

We made Cheerios Necklaces; the reason for this project is probably not what you are thinking.  You see I wanted to do these so my daughter can stop getting her snacks all over my house and car.  I have little snack containers for her but when she walks around (because you know they never sit still) she leaves a snack trail all over even in the car when she is sitting still there is always snacks all over.  So I thought we could make these snack necklaces and then no more snack mess, since she will be wearing her snack and it will go straight from her neck to her mouth… BRILLIANT!

At first I thought she could help put the cheerios onto the string but she is just a little too young for that part of this project but if your kids are a little older then they can help you put them together just watch out for missing cheerios they seem too disappear when kids are around (too hard to resist that yummy treat).

We used fishing line for this because it is thin and plastic so the cheerios just come right off when the kids chew on it.  It is also very tough so no fear the kids will eat the string or that the sting will break.

Check out our KID CRAFT  board on Pintrest for more fun ideas!


Fishing string
1 piece of tape


Cut your fishing string to the length you want (will depend on how big your child is) you want it to fit over their head.
 Put a piece of tape over one end of the fishing line to keep the cheerios from falling off.
 Sting your cheerios (or other treat) on to the fishing line, leave room to tie the ends.
Once you have enough on just take your tape off and tie the ends together.
Now put on your child and let them snack away.

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7 thoughts on “Cheerios Necklace

  1. raisedinraleigh

    This is cute! I’ve been making bracelets with fruit loops and pipecleaners. My little guy is 18 months, and can put the fruit loops on, so we will have to try this as well. …. Sarah (through Make my Morning)


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