Caterpillar Craft

By | July 14, 2014

caterpillar craft

My little ones daycare just got done releasing the butterflies they were raising, and my daughter thought the whole process from caterpillar to butterfly was really cool. Since she talked about it so much and since we have done so many Butterfly Crafts already, I thought it might be fun to make this pom pom caterpillar craft with her. She had so much fun making these and picking the different colors to make them.

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5 Pom Pom’s (could use a large one for head and smaller for body or all the same size)
Googly Eyes



putting glue on closepinPut glue onto your clothespin

gluing pom poms onPlace your Pom Pom’s onto the clip

finished caterpillarsGlue your googly eyes on and wait for them to dry.

pom pom caterpillars

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