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Chromatography Experiment

A while back my dad, who is a Chemistry Professor told me about this experiment we could do called Chromatography.  I have not done any chemistry experiments with the girls and this sounded pretty cool so I knew I wanted to do it with the kids. Basically Chromatography is the technique of separating the components… Read More »

Floating Egg Experiment

I first heard/saw this Floating Egg Experiment a few weeks ago on our Wednesday Linky.  Carla at Preschool Powol Packets shared it here and I knew my girls would love this so we had to try it.  If you have not checked out Carla’s site, then you need to head over there now.  She has… Read More »

DIY Earthworm Habitat

With Earth Day coming up, I wanted to do a fun Earth Day Experiment where we could observe some of nature up close.  And I thought what better creature than earthworms.  They really do so much for our soil, they are every gardeners friend, and they are really small (which helps when bringing in creatures… Read More »