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Paper Plate Easter Egg

With Easter just a few weeks away I thought it would be fun to do some Easter crafting this weekend.  I usually try to gear my crafts around my oldest daughter because she is harder to please.  But this paper plate Easter egg I planned for my youngest and surprise surprise my oldest had fun… Read More »

Easter Cookies

Last week we went up to grandma’s for a visit.  It was great because some of the cousins were going to be their and both my girls were really excited to see them.  Since the weather was not going to be all that great and the kids were most likely going to have to stay… Read More »

Easter Egg Garland

I finally decided it was time to decorate for Easter.  I know I am pretty late on this one, but better late than never.  I put up our egg tree from last year, and thought it would be nice to have a garland for the fireplace too.  Unfortunately I did not have enough eggs to… Read More »

Easter Egg Wreath

I have been seeing a lot of Easter Egg Wreath on Pintrest lately and it made me think that hey we could make one of those.  So off to the dollar store I went and get the eggs, I did however get the foam ring and grass at hobby lobby. This time instead of telling… Read More »

Easter Egg Tree

I know St. Patty’s Day is not over yet, but Easter is so close to it that I figured I could decorate and craft for both. I got the idea for this craft from our Pom Pom Christmas Tree’s we made. We really did have a lot of fun making those and they turned out… Read More »