Cardboard Cat House

By | March 17, 2014

Carboard Cat House

Last year we got my oldest daughter her own cat.  She still says it was the best present she ever got and that he is her best friend.  So I am never surprised when she tells me she wants to make something for her Buddy (that is the cats name).  Last time she wanted to make these yummy Cat Treats for him, and this time it is his very own Cardboard Cat House… yeah I think he is a little spoiled too.

My daughter planned out what she wanted the house to look like, but I did most of the building here since you have to use a box cutter, and I think she is a little too young at 6 to be using one of those.  Buddy could not wait for us to finish his house and kept going in to check the progress through the entire process.  Since Buddy is orange my daughter wanted the house to match him which is why it is all orange.  I used some of the left over paint we had from her room and then we bought the darker orange for the roof.

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3 cardboard boxes
Duct Tape
Box Cutter


Drawing of cardboard houseStart by designing your house on paper.

cut out door and windows then tape roof onUse your box cutter to cut out the doors and windows.
Then tape a piece of the 3rd box onto the top for the roof
Place another piece of the 3rd box under the roof and trace the triangle shape
Cut two triangles out and tape them to the front and back of the house.

Tape both sides togetherCut out the inside door from your house, then use the cutout to cut the same shape from the 2nd box
Line up the two holes and tape your boxes together.

paint the houseSpray your box with primer
Be warned your cat may think the box is now ready and start making it his home.
Make sure cat is not in box and paint the house.

the finished cat houseOnce paint dries let your cat make this new house his home!

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11 thoughts on “Cardboard Cat House

  1. Mary

    Very cute. I would have them write a story from the point of view the cat living in that cute house. Love it though.


    1. wemadethat Post author

      Mary, that is a cool idea. My daughter loves to write stories, I am going to suggest it to her and I am sure I will have a book in no time! Thanks so much!

  2. Shawna

    Ahhhh. This is so cool in so many ways. Cat’s always love to play in a box and then you up it one and make him a house. So sweet!! Thank you for sharing it on our Four Seasons Blog Hop. Pinning now!!

    1. wemadethat Post author

      LOL, I know I can’t keep them out of boxes when we have them. And Buddy sure does love his house, he is one spoiled cat!

  3. Shawna

    Ahh that is so sweet. Cats love to play in boxes and you just up it one!! Thank you for sharing it on our Four Season’s Blog Hop. This will be great Pinned.

  4. Create With Joy

    I ALWAYS love the projects that you and your daughters make and share with us at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy but I have to admit – this is probably my favorite! What imagination! What creativity! Buddy is SO blessed!

    Did you see what Magellan – dubbed El Destructo by one of my readers – did to HIS Cat Cavern this week? If not, you MUST stop by this post:

    Congratulations – you are one of my featured guests this week at Inspire Me Monday – and if you and your merry band of castle makers have a few extra boxes and some extra time on your hands – El Destructo is in need of a new home! lol

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. wemadethat Post author

      Thanks so much Joy!!! I know you are a big cat person too so I thought you would appreciate this one. I laughed so hard at what Magellan did to his cavern/toy. Cats are so funny.
      Thanks for the feature and all your kind words!

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