Butterfly Foot Prints

By | February 21, 2012
Butterfly Foot Print

After the holiday card foot prints we did (the baby and I were both covered in paint), I was a little worried about trying these butterfly foot prints out.  But I thought these would really look cute in the girls rooms and would make a great keep sake for them to have when they got older so I diced to give it a try anyway.  I was pleasantly surprised when this time around it went really smooth and no one was covered in paint (well except for the girls feet, but that was to be expected).

My little one actually really enjoyed me painting her feet this time, I think she is a little ticklish.  She did want to hold the brush and help but I did not think that was a good idea so I did all the painting on her.  My older daughter however wanted to do it all by herself and giggled the whole time saying it tickled.  The whole experience was really fun and after we were all done the girls got a bath which just happens to be one of there favorite things.

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Paint (I just used some craft paint I had at the house)
Paint Brushes
White Card Stock
Plastic Table Cloth (optional, helps with clean up)


Start by setting up your butter fly station, put your table cloth down (if using).  Lay your card stock down ready for foot prints, and put paint and brushes out.
  No matter if you are doing the painting or the child is, just sit down and start painting some feet.  No need for a pattern, just use different colors and make sure the whole foot and toes are covered in paint (NOTE: if making more than one print make sure there is a LOT of paint on feet so you can get multiple prints)
  Once foot is painted place on card stock.  You want the feet to be facing out so that the big toes are to the edge of the paper.  Leave just enough room between foot prints to make your butterflies body.
 After your foot prints dry, use some paint and a brush to make your butterflies body.
 I put my prints in a frame, you can do that or just hang on the wall as is.  Maybe you want to make cards out of them, it is up to you.
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14 thoughts on “Butterfly Foot Prints

  1. momto8

    what a cool idea!!! I bet every kid would enjoy doing this!!!
    I am your newest follower…pls follow back if you can.

  2. PlainVanillaMom

    Visting from it’s Playtime, and Oh my gosh! I just did something like this with my babe for Mother’s Day gifts :) Was working on the post tonight actually. Yours came out very cute.

  3. moonsprig.com

    Oh my goodness! We did something so similar to this at the preschool this past week! I love the way your butterflies came out and so cute with just one litte foot on each side!!
    Gotta love those foot prints, they won’t stay little for long…

  4. Knitting Patterns for Babies

    Really cute idea! I want to try this one. See the happy face of the little girl, looks like she’s enjoying every way of it. This is a unique way to spend time with kids, and I would recommend this to my friends, too. Thank you for putting all of these together!

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