Bubble Wand

By | August 12, 2014

Do your kids love bubbles as much as mine do?  Both my daughters could spend hours outside blowing bubbles or popping them.  So I thought it would be fun to make some of their very own bubble wands that they could use for the bubbles.

The day we made these my oldest kept bugging me to make them and would not wait till my little one woke up from her nap so I only got pictures of my oldest making them.  However I can tell you that my three year old had so much fun putting these together.  I helped her make the hearts and secure the beads on, but she loved decorating them with the beads and then going out to blow bubbles.

This is a great craft for any age, since the older children can get creative with the designs of the wands and the little ones can practice their fine motor skills by stringing the beads onto them.  Originally I had planned to do this craft while camping, but our camping trip was canceled this year, but this would be a great way to keep the kids entertained while out at a camp site.

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Pipe Cleaner
Pony Beads
Bubble Solution


making the circleBend the top of your pipe cleaner around to form a circle.  Secure it by wrapping the end around it one ore two times.

forming the heart shapeTo make a heart, use your three middle fingers, by placing the middle one on top and the other two inside the circle and then push down with the middle and up with the other two (see photo above).

beading the wandNow sting your beads onto the pipe cleaner.

finishing the wandSecure the beads by wrapping the end around one of the beads (see photo above).  Blowing bubblesNow just dip in bubble solution and blow some bubbles!

Bubble Wands

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10 thoughts on “Bubble Wand

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  7. Sapana V

    I was looking for some fun DIY for bubble making, My elder son is crazy for bubbles. He will love this. Thanks.

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