Bird Nest Kit

By | March 19, 2012
Bird Nest Kit

Spring is here, Spring is here!!! I think this just has to be my favorite time of year.  I love watching the leaves grow on the trees, seeing the grass turn green, and all the flowers blooming.

We have been very busy working on a ton of spring projects and I am having a hard time figuring out which ones to post first.  But since I have to decide I thought you all might enjoy this bird nest kit.  It really is a fun craft and the birds are so appreciative of all the goodies to make there nests!

My daughter and I had such a great time going around and collecting all the goodies for this kit, I think getting everything for the kit is the funnest part of the whole craft.  So get ready for some fun!

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Cuties bag (you can sub an onion bag)
Small twigs
Dog hair (can also use cat hair)
People hair
Dryer lent


First you have to collect all your supplies, so we went walking around in the woods behind the house and found a bunch of twigs and hay.
Then we brushed the dog to get some hair and cleaned out the dryer lent catcher and our hair brushes.  We also used some yarn I had and cut them in to small pieces for the birds.
 Now that you have your supplies all together, just stuff your cuties bag with all your goodies.  Then tie a piece of yard on the open end to close the bag. Once that is done use some scissors to make a few large holes in the bag so the birds can get there stuff.
 Now just go hang on a tree, if you have a bird feeder hang it near that if not maybe put some bird food or bread on the ground near the bag so the birds can find it.

I got a picture the other day of a bird getting it’s nesting supplies from out kit.  We have had a few coming by,  we ended up and moved our bird feeder next to the kit and that seemed to help the birds find our nest supplies.


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8 thoughts on “Bird Nest Kit

  1. Gina

    I got everything ready and we’re putting ours together! Love this idea! Featuring it on my blog tomorrow! Thanks for sharing on the All Year Round Carnival for Spring!


    Gina, I am so glad you like this. It was so much fun collecting everything for the kit and we have so enjoyed watching all the birds come to get stuff for there nests. Hope you and your son have as much fun!

    And I can’t wait to see it on your blog, thanks for featuring it!!

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  4. Sharon

    Great idea! However, leave out the dryer lint – it sounds like it would be great, but it does not hold up when it gets wet.


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