Beaded Hanger

By | September 2, 2013
Beaded Hanger

My cousin had her first baby, a little boy a few months ago.  And I wanted to get her something special for her and the new baby. So I thought it would be nice if the girls made their new cousin (or is it 2nd cousin?) a nice little present. Because homemade gifts are always better in my book, and the girls get so excited about giving presents that they made to everyone.

I figured every baby has clothes and needs hangers, so what better gift for the girls to make but these adorable beaded hangers.  We made one for my other cousin who has a daughter the same age as my little one too (that is why one is pink).

Not only is this a really fun and practical craft/gift, but it is great for my little ones motor skills.  She really enjoyed putting the beads on the hanger and it was great practice for her hand eye coordination.  It is also a great project to help teach counting since you can do the beads in different patterns (three of one color two of another).

I did help with the ribbon part of this craft but the girls put all the beads on, which makes this a truly special gift.  These would make great baby shower gifts or they would be perfect just to make to hang your own baby clothes on.

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2 colors of beads per hanger
Wire hanger
Ribbon (to match beads)
Glue Gun


 Untwist the hanger.
Then have the kids put the beads on the hanger in any pattern they want
 Fill the bottom part of hanger then twist the hanger back together
 Continue your bead patter on the top of the hanger.  Then use your glue gun to secure the last bead in place.
 Using your glue gun secure one end of your ribbon to the top of the twisted section of hanger.
 Wrap your ribbon around the hanger until covered then use your glue gun to secure ribbon.
Using the same colored ribbon or a different color, make a bow and glue to your hanger
Now you are ready to use your pretty hangers or give them as gifts!
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15 thoughts on “Beaded Hanger

  1. Theresa A

    That is a really cute idea. I think I will try it with our little ones. Thank you for sharing on Artsy Play Wednesday. I pinned it.
    : 0 ) Theresa (Capri + 3)

  2. Kathy Penney

    What an adorable DIY gift! A keepsake. And I love that the kids can help with it! Sharing. Thanks for visiting All Things Pretty!


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