Beach Shadow Box

By | July 15, 2013
Beach Shadow Box

As I have mentioned a few times already, we went down to Florida this Summer to visit my family.  We had such a great time but you know the crafter in me could not go down there and not do some kind of craft right?

Okay I will fess up I did not craft at all on the trip, I did however think of this craft and got the supplies I needed for it there so that counts kind of anyway.  I thought it would be cool to make a shadow box to remember our trip and my little ones first time at the beach!

My family probably thought I was nuts when I brought some baggies with me to the beach and stared filling them with sand and shells but hey who cares look how cool this thing is!  And I actually did have fun taking a TON of pictures of the whole family on the beach (no really I took almost 200 pictures).  Here are a couple showing how much fun we all had!

Okay enough with all my pictures, lets get back to the project.  My daughter had a great time putting this together and remembering how much fun we had at the beach.  She wants to go back and well so do I.  That is one of the major things I miss about living here in the Midwest, there is no beach… well there are lakes but it is not the same when you grew up with the Ocean!

Do you like to make keepsakes from your trips?  What kind of stuff do you make?

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Vacation Photo from the Beach
Shadow Box


Collect your Sand and Shells from the beach and get a picture their!
 Inside the shadow box was a Velcro sticker to apply to the back of the picture so it would stick to the back of the box.  Apply the sticker to the back of your photo.
 Pour some of your sand into the box.
 Now flip your box back up and wipe any sand from the glass if needed and then place some of your sea shells in the sand.
 Now just put the back back on and you have a beautiful Beach Shadow Box from your vacation!
Hand it anywhere you want and remember the fun you had on your trip!
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48 thoughts on “Beach Shadow Box

  1. theadoredhome

    I found you on The Collective Blog hop! I love your project {especially because I live in Florida} Hope your trip was great! I am now following your blog and I hope you drop by mine as well!
    The Adored Home

  2. Shannon L

    I love love love this idea! We always buy a tacky destination picture frames for our vacation wall. Your idea would be best for display in the main part of our house. :)

    Thanks for linking up this great craft at Artsy Play Wednesday!

    1. Tracey Kite

      I bet you could use this idea for almost any vacation too! Hope you have fun making some of your your trips!

  3. PinkOddy

    What a fantastic idea! Thank you for linking up with the summer carnival – I’m going to pin it.

  4. Evelyn Osborn

    How cool is that;))) Very Cool!! Just dropping in from Dysfunction Junction to meet you and follow via GFC and Google+:)))

    Hope to see you at Lets Get Social Sunday blog hop:)))
    My Turn for us

  5. ourwolfden

    Very nice! I was upset when we took our trip to Virginia that I forgot to bring something to the beach to collet sand and shells. I ended up filling the pockets of my husband’s swim shorts with shells but that was it. What a great idea, I will have to keep that in mind.

    Manda Wolf @ Our Wolf Den

      1. susi

        Yeah, this is what I did. But his pockets turn inside out when he’s swimming :(


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  6. sew sweet vintage

    This is so sweet! You have some great memories at the beach with loved ones! Pinning:) I’m a new follow for your page. Hope you follow me back:)

    1. Tracey Kite

      We sure had a blast at the beach, I am missing it already! I will head on over and check out you, love meeting new bloggyfriends!

  7. Sande Sivani

    Great kid craft!! Memories of this will last forever.

    We would like to invite you to party with us at 5:00 on Thursday evenings at the new Blog Strut Peacock Style Link Party to share your very creative and clever idea. Come on over!!

  8. Lisa@hooplapalooza

    Tracey! all these years living by the beach i never thought of that! thank you so much for the clever idea! i absolutely love it :>D and you taking 200 pictures and bringing ziplocs cracks me up! it’s something i would do too. LOL

  9. sue

    I absolutely LOVE this and will be borrowing your idea!! :) Thanks for sharing this with us at One Sharendipity Place!
    sue @

  10. Susan@Organized31

    What a great project and keepsake. Judging by your daughter’s smile, she thinks so, too. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday at Organized 31.

  11. Kathy Penney

    You did exactly what I wanted to do! Bring a little of the beach home and make a craft as a keepsake! But you went to beautiful Florida beaches with seashells and there were no shells at the Texas beach! Great job! Thanks for sharing at All Things Pretty!

  12. Stone Cottage Adventures

    I love your family photos! What a great idea! My husband is always picking up rocks and such. Now I know what to do with them! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  13. Angela Swanson

    This is the best idea! I have a pic of my granddaughter smelling some flowers in our garden, so I might add some pebbles and small flowers. So cute! Thank you so much for participating in our link party last week. We hope to see you at our next Blog Strut Linky Party at!

  14. Julia @ It's Always Ruetten

    Adorable idea! I can’t wait to go to the beach next time to collect sand for some of my pictures!

    Thanks for linking up to my midyear highlights party!

    It’s Always Ruetten

  15. Linda Kreuser

    How did you get the sand to stay and not leak out of the box when you stood it up?

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