Balloon Tennis

By | February 20, 2013

Balloon Tennis

Last week my little one turned two.  How can this be?  Time is just going by way too fast, I wish I had a remote that could just pause it here so we can hang out in this time for a few years before my babies grew up.  But as much as I want that to happen I know it wont.

We had a couple friends over to the house for my little ones birthday this weekend.  We did not do much it was really more of a family thing than a party.  But when ever I have more kids over I like to do something fun with them and this time I thought they would all enjoy some Balloon Tennis.

This is a great game for the kids to play indoors and since it was pretty cold out it was perfect for us.  I let each kid decorate their plates because it is then easier for them to tell who’s is who’s (why that matters I don’t know but it matters to kids) and well because the kids love to color so it made it more fun.

I then assigned each kid a color and they got a balloon and a craft stick in that color.  You really only need one balloon per two kids but lets get real, if I gave only two kids a balloon there would have been a fight so each kid got a balloon and we had no fights.  And by assigning them each a color it made it easier to tell who’s was who’s again.

All four of the kids really enjoyed this activity and they all had a blast hitting the balloons around.  They hit them to each other then hit them on their own.  The kids all ranged in age from two to six so if you are looking for a fun activity for a kid group this is perfect.  Or if you just want your kids to blow off some steam while locked in doors due to bad weather this is perfect for that too.

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Paper Plates
Craft Sticks


Give the kids each a paper plate and let them color it.
Tape a craft stick to the back of each plate.
 Blow up some balloons and let the kids hit them back and forth with the rackets they made.
Remember no worries the balloons are soft and shouldn’t break anything.

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25 thoughts on “Balloon Tennis

  1. Elisa

    What a great idea! We are hoping to interest our daughters in learning to play tennis, and this will be a great activity to try.

  2. MsXpat

    Wow this so clever! And will not break anything no matter now much gusto my toddler puts it, lol. Must try :0)

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        I must say I agree with your friend – if a book doesn't grab me (okay, maybe I give it the first paragraph rather than the first line!) then it gets tossed.And I also agree – I love that last opening line! How brilliant! :D

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