Balloon stress ball friends

By | August 2, 2012
Balloon stress ball friends

The other day I was going through some of my craft stuff at home, you know trying to organize it (that never does seem to happen though) when I found some balloons.  Then I thought why not make some cute stress balls since we had some sand on hand.  I know most people don’t think this way, but well I am always trying to think of new fun things to make with the kids.  And truth be told I have to take the inspiration when it comes because there are times when I just cannot think of a thing to do and my daughter starts the  “Let’s do a project mom!”  and I have no idea what to do.  I guess it is crafters block, kind of like writers block I guess.  Does that ever happen to any of you?

It did take me a couple tries to figure out how to get enough sand in the balloons but once I figure it out it was pretty easy.  You see the trick is to sit the balloon on the table and wiggle the funnel around and move it up and down in the balloon to get more sand in it, the balloon will expand and you can keep putting more sand in.  We made two balloon stress ball friends one for each of the girls.  They sure did have fun squishing them.   And well so did my husband and I, they are kind of addictive.

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2 balloons (for each stress ball)
Googly Eyes


 Start by filling a balloon with sand using your funnel.
 When the balloon appears like it won’t hold anymore sand, simply sit it on the table with the funnel still in it and wiggle the funnel around and up and down till the sand in the funnel goes into the balloon, then add more sand to the funnel and repeat till your balloon is the size you would like it, then tie the end of your balloon.
  Take your 2nd balloon and put your first sand filled balloon in it, then tie the end of your 2nd balloon (this helps to keep all the sand in the balloons and provides a 2nd layer of protection from getting a hole).
 Glue your googly eyes on to your balloon.
 Draw a mouth onto your balloon.
Once your glue dries, start playing with your new balloon friend but be warned it may never want to stop squishing it.
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9 thoughts on “Balloon stress ball friends

  1. Carla Karam

    This is GREAT!!!
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  2. Katherines Corner

    I’ll take two please, giggle. Thank you for your bloggy friendship and for sharing on the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Hoping you have a great weekend xo

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