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DIY Christmas Gift

DIY Christmas Gift

When making gifts for family and friends I always try and think of something that they would actually want and/or could use.  Then I have to figure out if it is also something the girls can make so when I thought about these fun Christmas air fresheners for the cars, I knew it was the perfect DIY Christmas Gift.

The way I figure it, is pretty much everyone in the family has a car so they can all use one of these beauties.  And my oldest had so much fun making them, she now can’t wait to give them to everyone.  The hardest thing about making everyone a gift is holding on to them till Christmas, she wants to give them all away now.

As far as what sent you want to make these it is totally up to you.  We did some with just a gardenia sent, which I know is not really a Christmas sent however it is very light and smells great in the car (yes I had to try one out and have it hanging in the car already).  We are also doing some with a pine sent which is also a very light sent.  Since these are going in cars I don’t want them to be too strong since they will be in a confined space.

Another thing to think about when picking a sent is if you use just regular scented oil you will need more oil than if you use essential oils.  Essential oils are much stronger so a little goes a long way.

These would also make a great project for school, or a play-date group.  And it will be a unique homemade gift that everyone will love.

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Air Freshener Template
Firm Felt Paper (in white, black, red, and green)
Scented Oil
Eye Dropper
Glue Gun
Hole Punch


 Cutting out templatePrint out your template then cut out them out

Tracing out the template onto feltTrace them on to your felt and cut them out

Gluing center of flower onGlue your center onto your flowers and your hat onto your snowman

Punching hole at top of freshenerPunch a hole in the top of each air freshener

Putting ribbon through holeCut out some of your ribbon (make sure it is long enough to fit over the mirror in car) and string a piece through each air freshener

Adding the Sented OilUse your eye dropper to add your scented oil to the back of each one

All the FreshenersMy daughter is so proud of her hard work!

DIY Christmas GiftNow you are ready to wrap them out and give this homemade gift to someone special

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Thanksgiving Kids Place Setting

Thanksgiving Kids Place Settting
Last year we went to my mom’s for Thanksgiving,  there were my two girls and my cousin’s daughter who was 2 years old.  Since most adults just want to sit around watch football and eat for Thanksgiving, I thought it would be nice to try and keep all the girls entertained.  So for dinner I thought it would be fun to make these cute Acorn Boxes to use as their place settings and fill them with fun stuff to keep them entertained while everyone is eating.

Since there were three girls, we decided to decorate each box with a different colored top.  That way they can tell them apart and hopefully there will be no fighting.  I also printed out a couple coloring pages from the internet (just do a google search for Thanksgiving coloring pages) and taped them together to be used as a place-mat for each of the girls, that is why I added crayons to the acorn boxes.

Both my girls helped to make these boxes and really LOVED doing the glitter.  I had them do each one on a paper plate to help minimize the glitter mess that I knew we would have.  The plates really worked well and they did not get much glitter off the plates.  I also had the girls do the tops and bottoms of the acorns separate instead of doing the whole acorn all at once.  The reason I did that is so the bottom would be all brown and the tops be all gold and not a mix.  The girls (epically my little one) have a hard time getting the glitter in the exact spots they need it so if you paint the entire acorn with glue then start adding the glitter you will more than likely have the glitter mixed.

We made these for the kids, however they would make great place settings for adults too.  The only thing you would need to change to use them for adults is what you put inside.  No matter who you make them for everyone will be so excited to get this pretty box and a special treat inside!

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Martha Stewart Acorn Box
Mod Podge
Paint Brush


acorn craft

Cover the bottom of your Acorn with Mod Podgekids thanksgiving

Sprinkle it with the brown glitterthanksgiving acorn

Now cover the top of your acorn with mod podgeglitter acorn

Then cover with gold glitterthanksgiving acorn

Once your acorn is all dry cover the whole thing with mod podge to seal the glitter and keep it from coming offThree finished acornsWe used three different colors for the tops of our acorns.

finished place settingHere is our finished place setting for the kids.

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Turkey Necklace

Turkey Necklace
For Thanksgiving this year I thought it would be fun to make some Turkey Necklaces out of some washers. If you are not sure what a washer is just ask your husband, brother, or dad most likely they will have a bunch in different sizes you can have for this project. We used a large one with a very small hole for these, but really you can use any size and they will still be super cute!

My youngest daughter had fun painting the washers with nail polish, she also just stuck her eyes to hers when the nail polish was wet and so far they have stayed on, however I prefer to use the glue gun just in case. I glued the ribbon on for my youngest and painted the nose and gobble for her. Since she is only two she did need some help with this project. My oldest is six and was able to do it all on her own.

These would be fun to make on Thanksgiving Day. You could set up a craft table for all the kids and let them make a turkey for everyone to wear! It would be a great way to keep them entertained while you are cooking or watching the game.

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Brown, Red, and Orange Nail Polish
Googly Eyes
Fall Colored Ribbon
Stretch Cord (other cord or ribbon could work too)
Glue Gun


washer necklacePaint your Washers with brown nail polish (may need 2 or 3 coats).

thanksgiving necklaceOnce the brown is dry Paint a beak and gobble on using your orange and red nail polish.

turkey washer necklaceUsing your glue gun glue your googly eyes onto your turkey.

thanksgiving jewleryCut strips of your ribbon out then fold in half and glue to back of washer.

Turkey NecklaceNow just tie on your string and you have an adorable Turkey Necklace for Thanksgiving!

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Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Halloween Rice Krispie Treats
I really do like to make homemade treats to bring to events at school, but to be honest I don’t always have a lot of time to make anything special.  So I try to come up with some quick and easy treats that look like they took way more time than they really did.  These Halloween Rice Krispie Treats are one of those creations.  Really these so so quick and easy to make but are fun and festive that even other moms think they are awesome.

So if you are still trying to figure out what to bring to school for the Halloween party, then give these yummy treats a try.  And since they are so easy the kids can even help you make them!  You could even bag them up for the kids to pass out to all their friends.

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3 TBS Butter
4 Cups Mini Marshmallows
6 Cups Cocoa Krispies
Mellowcream Pumpkins


Cut pumpkins in HalfCut 8 pumpkins in half

Chop pumpkins in to piecesChop the rest of your pumpkins up in to small pieces

Melt butterMelt your butter over Medium heat

Pour Marshmallows into butterOnce butter is melted pour your marshmallows in to pot an stir till melted

dump chopped pumpkins into potOnce the marshmallows are melted pour your coco krispies into pot and stir till well mixed

Once the krispies are well coated stir in your chopped pumpkins

Rice Krispie TreatsPour your mixture in to a 9×15 pan that is greesed

Use parchment paper or wax paper to push Krispies down till they are in one flat layer in the pan

Then add sprinkles and your pumpkin halfs

Let cool then cut into pieces and serve

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Candy Corn Wreath

CandyCorn Wreath
I am pretty sure I have said this before, but I will say it again that one of my favorite parts of Halloween is getting Candy Corn.  So it should come to no surprise at all that I tend to make a lot of candy corn themed things like our Pom Pom Candy Corn  and our Halloween Washer Necklaces.  This year I thought I needed this cute Candy Corn Wreath to hang on my front door.

Of course my daughter was super excited to make this, and I have to say this is a great project for kids because it is very easy to make and is also really quick.  So if you are trying to get your kids into more crafting this would make a good starter project.  Just be careful with the glue gun because the glue is hot.

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Styrofoam Wreath
Yellow Feather Boa
Orange Feather Boa
White Feather Boa
Glue Gun


putting glue on

Glue the end of your Yellow Boa to the foam wreath

wrapping the boa

Wrap your boa around the wreath until it is all on the wreath then glue the end down.gluing 2nd boa on

Cut your Orange boa in half and glue the ends of each half next to the end of the yellow boa and wrap them around then glue down the other end.

gluing 3rd boa on

Glue down one end of your white boa next to the end of one orange boa then wrap around till you meat the other orange boa then glue down that end.

Finished wreathNow you are ready to hang your wreath on the door!

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Lalaloopsy Tinies Review and Craft

Lalaloopsy Tiny Necklace
I received a package of Lalaloopsy Tinies to review.  I have to say the girls were so excited when they came in the mail.  They could not wait to open them and play.  However since one of the great things about these tinies is that they can be used to make jewelry I wanted to give that a try with the girls and see how it turned out.

lalaloopsy TiniesCan’t wait to open them!

Are you familiar with Squinky’s?  The Tinies are very similar to them, but one of the big differences is that they have a small hole all the way threw them so that you can use them to make some jewelry.  You can make jewelry two ways, one by stringing the whole Lalaloopsy through your string or by using head and eye pins.  If you use the head and eye pins you can have your tiney hanging down from your necklace or bracelet.

Another great thing about the Lalaloopsy Tinies is that in every 10 pack there is a special secrete one, the girls were so excited to find out which one was the secrete one.  You can also get houses and other toys to go along with your Tinies, so you can make a whole Lalaloopsy town with them.  Check out this video to get some more info.

Now if you want to make some jewelry out of your tinies like we did here is how you do it.


Lalaloopsy Tinies
Head & Eye Pins
Bead ‘N Stretch String
Needle Nose Pliers


Lalaloopsy Tiny NecklaceGet out one of your Head and Eye Pins.   Place a bead on it then your Lalaloopsy Tiny

Lalaloopsy Tiny NecklaceUsing your needle nose Pliers bend the end of your head and eye pin around to form a loop and then tuck the end into the tiny.
Make sure you pinch the ends together so it does not come off your necklace.

Lalaloopsy Tiny NecklaceNow string some of your beads onto your string

Lalaloopsy Tiny NecklaceWhen you have half of your beads on your string then string your Lalaloopsy tiny on and finish placing your beads on the string.

Lalaloopsy Tiny NecklaceOnce your necklace is long enough just tie it off (I like to tie mine about 4 or 5 times since it is for kids) and then cut off the excess string.

Lalaloopsy Tiny NecklaceNow you have a beautiful necklace to wear!

Lalaloopsy Tiny BraceletYou can also make a Lalaloopsy Tiny Bracelet just repeat the same steps above just make it shorter to fit your wrist.

Lalaloopsy Tiny NecklaceHere are the three Necklaces the girls made.  My oldest ended up giving the middle one to her bff since she is also a huge Lalaloopsy Fan!

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Fall Activities

Fall Activities
Fall is a great time of year for yummy teats and colorful crafts.  Over the last few years we have made a few of each and I thought it would be great to put all our fall activities together in one place to make them easier to find.  As we do new projects we will add them to this list so make sure you keep checking back to see if anything new has been added.

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Fall SignFALL SIGN Pinecone Black CrowsPinecone Black Crows
Scarecrow WreathScarecrow Wreath Acorn NecklaceAcorn Necklace
Salt Dough Fall GarlandSalt Dough Fall Garland Paperbag ScarecrowPaper Bag Scarecrow


Double Layer Pumpkin PieDouble Layer Pumpkin Pie Crock-Pot Apple ButterCrock-pot Apple Butter
Sweet Roasted Pumpkin SeedsSweet Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkin Pie ParfaitPumpkin Pie Parfait
Mini Apple PieMini Apple Pie Pumpkin BreadPumpkin Bread
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Bubble Wand

Do your kids love bubbles as much as mine do?  Both my daughters could spend hours outside blowing bubbles or popping them.  So I thought it would be fun to make some of their very own bubble wands that they could use for the bubbles.

The day we made these my oldest kept bugging me to make them and would not wait till my little one woke up from her nap so I only got pictures of my oldest making them.  However I can tell you that my three year old had so much fun putting these together.  I helped her make the hearts and secure the beads on, but she loved decorating them with the beads and then going out to blow bubbles.

This is a great craft for any age, since the older children can get creative with the designs of the wands and the little ones can practice their fine motor skills by stringing the beads onto them.  Originally I had planned to do this craft while camping, but our camping trip was canceled this year, but this would be a great way to keep the kids entertained while out at a camp site.

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Pipe Cleaner
Pony Beads
Bubble Solution


making the circleBend the top of your pipe cleaner around to form a circle.  Secure it by wrapping the end around it one ore two times.

forming the heart shapeTo make a heart, use your three middle fingers, by placing the middle one on top and the other two inside the circle and then push down with the middle and up with the other two (see photo above).

beading the wandNow sting your beads onto the pipe cleaner.

finishing the wandSecure the beads by wrapping the end around one of the beads (see photo above).  Blowing bubblesNow just dip in bubble solution and blow some bubbles!

Bubble Wands

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Caterpillar Craft

caterpillar craft

My little ones daycare just got done releasing the butterflies they were raising, and my daughter thought the whole process from caterpillar to butterfly was really cool. Since she talked about it so much and since we have done so many Butterfly Crafts already, I thought it might be fun to make this pom pom caterpillar craft with her. She had so much fun making these and picking the different colors to make them.

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5 Pom Pom’s (could use a large one for head and smaller for body or all the same size)
Googly Eyes



putting glue on closepinPut glue onto your clothespin

gluing pom poms onPlace your Pom Pom’s onto the clip

finished caterpillarsGlue your googly eyes on and wait for them to dry.

pom pom caterpillars

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Frog Life Cycle

Frog Life Cycle
Each year I try to do a fun Science Experiment with the girls, where they can observe animal life.  Last year we made our Earthworm Habitat, and got to observe how Earthworms help our gardens.  This year my oldest wanted to get some tadpoles and observe the Frog Life Cycle.

I will be honest, we tried to go out to a couple ponds to catch some tadpoles but we had no luck at all.  So we decided to head over to a pet store and ask if they had any or knew where we could get some.  To my surprise they actually had some!  Looks like they usually get one or two that come along with their guppies.  So I bought the two they had and a few other supplies then headed home with two very happy kids!  So if you can’t find any to catch, just call or visit your local pet store they may have some for you there.

Setting up for your tadpoles is pretty easy, just have a container you can fill part way with water (fresh clean water NOT TAP WATER) and add a large rock that sticks out of the water a bit so that when they grow legs they can get out of the water if they want too.  For food, we bought some Fish Pellets, however you can feed your tadpoles some small pieces of veggies and bugs if you like.


What is happening with this experiment? You will get to observe the transformation of a tadpole into a frog.  This process can take anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks depending on the type of frog your tadpole will become.  The first phase of change the is growth of back legs, the legs will get bigger and become more pronounced as the body of the frog elongates.  Next the front arms will pop out elbows first and then quickly change into the front legs of your frog.  You will now notice the tail is getting smaller and smaller until it is gone and all that is left is your little frog.

Check out our SCIENCE board on Pintrest for more Experiments!


Fish Bowl
Fish Pellets for food
large Rock
Clean Fresh Water (do not use tap)
Water Plants (optional)

TadpoleThe TadpoleTadpole with legsTadpole with back legs and longer bodyTadpole with four legsTadpole with four legs and long tailFrog with just a small tail leftThe little frog with just a little tail left that will be gone in the next day.

Frog Life Cycle

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