Apple Cupcakes

By | May 7, 2014

Apple Cupcakes

My daughters school celebrates Teacher Appreciation week by having the kids send in different gifts each day for their teacher.  Tomorrow is the day they have asked all the kids to bring in a little something for all their other teachers to show them how much they are appreciated too.  I know you are saying “What other Teachers?”  Well the ones we always seem to forget about but still do so much for our kids, like the PE teacher, the Music Teacher, the Art Teacher, the Reading Coach, the Librarian, and any of the many others who help our kids out every day to learn and be the best they can be.

So I thought it would be nice and fit into our Apple theme (remember our last post the Apple Oreo Pops) to make these yummy Apple Cupcakes.  Now I know they look like apples but there is no actual apple in them.  These babies are make from red velvet cake and are so yummy, I am sure all the teachers will love them!

Visit our TEACHER APPRECIATION board on Pintrest for more great ideas!

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Red Velvet Cake Mix (made according to package directions)
Red Frosting
Red Cupcake liners
Pretzel Sticks
Royal Icing Leaves


Makeing cupcakes

Mix up your favorite Red Velvet cake mix according to the package direcitons

bake cupcakes

Bake your cupcakes according to package directions

frost cupcakesFrost your cupcakes with red frosting

decoration cupcakesAdd some red sprinkles

Apple CupcakesInsert a pretzel stick into the center of the cupcake then add your icing leaf

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