Acorn Necklace

By | November 1, 2013
Acorn Necklace

We have a tree in the front that drops a ton of acorns each year.  My oldest went out one day and came back with a small bucket full of them.  I asked her what she wanted to do with them and she said make a Acorn necklace.

She was just going to tie a string to them and that was it, but I thought why not kick it up a notch and really make them pretty so I went out and got some glitter.  I have to say that the girls LOVE glitter.  They both had so much fun making these and were so cute doing it.  At first I thought my little one would have trouble with this project but she didn’t I just told her to paint the glue on the bottom of the acorn and she only missed in a few spots.  And she did great with the glitter.

To try and keep the glitter mess at a minimum I had the girls work over paper plates and that really helped a lot, we still had some glitter on the table and floor but no where near the mess I thought we would have.

The girls ended up making about 10 necklaces and my oldest brought them to school and passed them out to some of the teachers, her friends, and saved a special one for grandma!

These turned out so pretty I think they would make a great gift for the holidays or birthdays that the kids can make on their own.

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Acorn with stem
Sparkle Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Styrofoam (optional)


 Paint the bottom of the acorn with your Sparkle Mod Podge
 Sprinkle with Glitter
 Stick then in Styrofoam to dry
 Once dry Coat with your glitter Sparkle Mod Podge,
Then stick back in Styrofoam to dry.
 Once dry tie your string around the base of stem
 To help insure that it does not come untied put some Sparkle Mod Podge over the knot
 Once dry cut the extra stem off your acorn
Now just pass them out to friends, or give them as gifts.
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17 thoughts on “Acorn Necklace

  1. Stephanie Jackson

    I love them. The kids and I will have to make these. Unless of course the gang of squirrels that live on my property attacks us for picking up acorns. Seriously these squirrels are tough!

  2. Meg @ The Patchwork Paisley

    Stopping by from the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. These are so cute! They would be adorable on the Christmas tree too! My 3 year old is big in to crafts. Look like we’ll have to find us some acorns!

  3. Theresa A

    I love the sparkly acorn necklaces. It makes me wish we had a tree that was dropping acorns so I could collect them right now and have our kids make these. I will have to find some acorns and try this craft. Thank you for sharing on Artsy Play Wednesday. I pinned it. : 0 ) Theresa (Capri + 3)

  4. Becky

    I hope you baked the acorns first, to kill the little worm inside……
    Spread acorns on a foil covered cookie sheet and bake at 200 for about 30-45 minutes.

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