Butterfly Foot Prints

After the holiday card foot prints we did (the baby and I were both covered in paint), I was a little worried about trying these butterfly foot prints out.  But I thought these would really look cute in the girls rooms and would make a great keep sake for them to have when they got… Read More »

Caterpillar Craft

My little ones daycare just got done releasing the butterflies they were raising, and my daughter thought the whole process from caterpillar to butterfly was really cool. Since she talked about it so much and since we have done so many Butterfly Crafts already, I thought it might be fun to make this pom pom… Read More »

Spring Crafts for Kids

Spring is my favorite time of year.  Mostly because by this time I am so sick of Winter I am ready for the change in temperatures.  So we tend to do a lot of Spring Crafts for kids and I thought I would put them all together in one place so that they would be… Read More »

Valentines Activities

Valentines Day is a fun Holiday for the kids.  Both my girls love to make treats to pass out in their classes and to give to their teachers. In my oldest daughters Elementary School they also have the kids make a Valentine Mail Box each year to collect all the valentines they get.  So between… Read More »



Crafts for Kids Below is a listing of all our crafts for kids.  We have tired to break them out into different categories to make it easier for you to find something that interests you.  Also check out our KID CRAFT Pintrest board for more fun ideas! Toddler Crafts Color Matching Bottles Cheerios Necklace Homemade… Read More »