321 Cake for Kids

By | March 20, 2013

Several weeks ago I heard about this 321 cake.  I am not really sure how it stared but I guess it is pretty popular on Weight Watchers since it is only 1 points plus point.  So since I am trying to loose a little weight yet still have a VERY BIG sweet tooth I thought I would give it a try. I was very suprised at how much cake you actually get and how yummy and quick this is.

So the other day when my girls wanted a treat I thought why not make this for them!  It is perfect for the kids since it is a single serving so I don’t have to make a whole batch of cupcakes and then eat half of them (okay I eat more than half but who’s counting).

Not only is this a quick easy treat for the kids but since you are only mixing water into the cake mix you  are giving them a lower fat/calorie treat than a regular cupcake.  Most cupcakes are made with oil and eggs and this one has none of that.  I wont go so far as to say this is healthy because lets face it this is cake from a box.  But it is a healthier option than a regular cupcake.  The trick is the Angel Food Cake Mix, that cake is so light and fluffy and that is what makes this work.  The 2nd cake mix can be any cake you like.  We used Devils Food, but my sister is using Lemon cake mix.  So you pick what you like best.

We also added whip cream and sprinkles since this was for the kids and those are both totally optional.  If you are looking at Weight Watcher points adding them will increase your points, and they also add more calories to this yummy treat.  My girls however are not watching their weight and the whole point of this was to make them a yummy quick treat where we would not have a ton of extra treats left over for mommy to eat (since I am watching my weight). 

Box of Angel Food Cake Mix
Box of Devils Food Cake Mix (can use any other cake mix for this one)
2 Table Spoons Water
Whip Cream (optional)
Sprinkles (optional)


Mix your box of Angel Food Cake Mix & Your box of Devils Food Cake Mix (can sub any other cake mix for the Devils) in a big baggie.
Once the two cake mixes are mixed when ever you are ready for a treat just mix 
Three Tablespoons Cake Mix
 Two Table Spoons Water
 Stir it all together
 Microwave for One minute
 Add Whip cream and sprinkles (totally optional)
Eat and enjoy your yummy low calorie quick and easy treat!

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33 thoughts on “321 Cake for Kids

  1. Heather May

    Great cake! My kids always want to help BUT they also want to lick the spoon! Maybe they can have their cake and eat it too! :)

  2. Jennifer Obyrne

    Sounds yummy and your little helper is adorable too! Thank you so much for sharing on Thursday Favorite Things at Katherine’s Corner. I’m Jen, the co-host this from Through My Creative Mind. I’m your newest follower…I’d love it if you stopped by and did the same :-)
    Make sure to come back every Monday for Creative Show and Tell!

    Jen @ Through My Creative Mind

  3. Angel Allen

    I’m a new follower from the blog hop. What a cute idea. I’ll try it with my little guy tomorrow. Hope you will visit my blog and hopefully follow back.

  4. Jessica @ A Humble Creation

    Yum! Now if only I could find a good one point cookie, since that’s my weakness. Could you please work on that one, Tracey?

    Thanks for sharing at A New Creation. Glad you and the girls enjoyed a lighter treat!

  5. The Contessa

    How precious! What a great idea for when you are in a hurry for something sweet! Thanks for sharing at What’d You Do This Weekend. Happy Easter! Linda


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